6 Ideas to Packing Light For a Fashionable Weekend Trip

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When you plan a getaway, you generally face a bit of a struggle. You want to bring enough clothes to see you through all scenarios – but can’t lug around an extensive wardrobe. Not only is it inconvenient, but laughable too! StalkBuyLove has worked out a key list of things you can carry – just ensure to take two well chosen pairs of shoes – one that will work day or night – such as metallic sandals, and one pair of flip flops.

Whether you’ve planned to spend the weekend at the beach, countryside or a happening city, here’s how you can limit yourself to one bag and no more than six key clothing pieces:

  1. Classic black tee – You can’t leave home without one of these – it’s like your wardrobe’s cup of coffee. Carry a simple half-sleeved plain black tee that can be worn in any weather condition. Paired with the right items, it can take you from five star restaurants, to zoo, to sightseeing on a bicycle.
  2. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans – If you planned to take your dark skinniness along, we’d say that they aren’t the most versatile. Boyfriend jeans can actually add some more personality to your outfit and its loose fit tends to be more comfy on long bus, train or car rides.
  3. Little white dress – You’re heard of LBD but what an LWD? It will instantly brighten your features and make you look young and carefree, like a holiday should be. It will compliment you on a day at the beach, the coffee shop or the museum with a simple shoe swap. Choose one with a lace finish or one with a skater skirt
  4. Black Maxi Dress – A Black Maxi Dress will see you through most night-time events. Whether it’s a causal dinner or a night at a club, you’ll look and feel on point. Plus, it’s ultra chic and fashionable. Throw a scarf over your shoulders if the weather gets chilly, or accessorize with the same chunky necklace you wore with the LWD. Don’t opt for a fancy black maxi dress – such as a shimmery or embellished one. A simple flowy, chiffon one that is available on will blend well in all scenarios just fine, and is a no fuss garment too!


  1. Mid-sized purse – You will need to cart around things like your mobile phone, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen, so a midsized purse is ideal for daytime. Choose a funky sling or a quirky hand held bag. For occasions when you don’t need to haul around extra items, choose a fun printed or graphic clutch!
  2. Pastel blazer – Nothing says “summer chic” like a classic tailored pastel blazer. Throw it over your white dress, black tee or even black maxi dress and you’ve got great evening wear!

Don’t forget other essential items like toiletries, socks or a bathing suit. Pack light, and have fun!

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