Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

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Now that you have found your perfect dress, the hardest part of choosing what to wear on your wedding day is over. The hunt is now on for the best way to accessorize your beautiful dress, and the best way to do it is to not overdo it. Your dress should be the focal point of your entire ensemble with your accessories adding to the overall look. So what are some of the best ways to accessorize?

Add a Pop of Color

Putting some color on your wedding dress draws attention to that piece and helps make the rest of the gown pop. Try a color that compliments what your bridesmaids are wearing by adding a small sash or brooch to your dress. Many bridal boutiques offer the ability to add things like sashes and bows to your dress.

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Think Jewelry

Statement earrings, necklaces or bracelets are all ways that you can accessorize your dress. For a vintage flair, consider wearing pearls. Have a beaded corset dress? Consider adding some sparkling jewels that will draw attention to both themselves and the intricate beading. If you have a sweetheart neckline, consider a necklace that sits just below your collarbone as to not distract too much from the cut of the dress.

Think Beyond the Clothing

When most people think about accessorizing their wedding dress, they think about tiaras, veils, handbags, or shoes. While all of these things are important, you need to think about other things that aren’t directly related to clothing. For instance, consider creating a “bouquet” out of wedding sparklers for when you walk down that aisle. You can light them just before you enter the ceremony to create a dazzling display and bring the concept of wedding accessories to new heights.

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The Shoes Say it All

Your guests might not see your shoes that often, but they can be a statement piece in photos and a way to accessorize your dress and match your theme! Going rustic? Cowboy boots are one of the top choices for brides. Want some heels? Choose heels that you can wear again; they can look great with both a wedding gown and a pair of jeans, and you will not have to feel bad about dropping all kinds of cash on shoes that you will only wear once.

No matter what wedding accessories you choose, just remember that they are supposed to accent your dress and not overshadow it. Too many brides make the mistake of choosing flamboyant accessories that steal the show and everyone remembers the accessories rather than the dress.

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