Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cool Wallet by Naked Wallet

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Wallets are an essential part of life, no matter how you look at it you will need to carry a payment method with you at all times.  You never know when you will need to purchase an item.

There are many different styles of wallet available; it is a matter of personal taste as to which one you have to carry your valuable items around in.  A cool wallet looks good and does so much more than just carry your funds around; but does it really need to?

A revolutionary design by Naked Wallet allows you to simply place a leather band round your funds to hold them secure.  You can even include a bank card in with the cash to ensure you have the means to pay for almost anything.


Whilst this revolutionary design is clever, there are some disadvantages to it as well as a range of advantages.

The Advantages

  • A choice of colors means that you can choose the cool wallet which best fits with your outfit or even mood. This allows flexibility as the naked wallet can be easily changed.  A standard wallet is time consuming to empty and involves deciding which items are worth keeping and which can be thrown away.  This is not the case with the cool wallet.
  • The cost of this cool wallet is surprisingly affordable; despite the fact that it has been made from leather.
  • The simplicity of this cool wallet also provides assistance as you will not collect the clutter which usually accompanies a wallet. Receipts and other items received when paying are kept with the product and can be destroyed once you know it is the right item.
  • Discretion is assured when you have one of these wallets. As it is a simple band securing your money in place it does not have a bulky outline which can ruin the look of any suit.
  • Security is also improved by using this cool wallet. As it is much more discreet it is easier to bury in your pocket and much harder for a pick pocket to remove cleanly.  This means that your money is more likely to remain with you.

The Disadvantages

There are several disadvantages to the cool wallet; however, these may not be enough to put you off purchasing it:

  • The leather band holds notes and cards very securely. However, it does not provide any assistance with coins.  You are certain to collect some coins whilst you are out and about.  These will need to be dumped into your pockets which can cause an issue when you are attempting to pay for something with small change.
  • Although a standard wallet attracts unnecessary items, it does provide you with a space for a photo of a loved one and contact details for an emergency; particularly if something were to happen to you. The cool wallet cannot offer this service!

Overall the cool wallet is worth having, you may just need to think of your own solution for the disadvantages!

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