All About Turkish Towels

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The Turkish towels are bath towels that are made of linen or cotton and are woven in a way that is luxurious. These towels have now become famous worldwide.

Turkey is among the world’s largest weavers and producers of cotton and is also among the top suppliers of cotton towels in the world.

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Hamamas are towels that are hand woven, super compact, super soft and can double up as a picnic rag, beach dress, baby wrap as well as table cloth. The Hamamas are also super absorbent and come in many different colors and styles. These are due to the combination of traditional weaves, premium quality cotton and techniques which create a product that is of the best quality.

Peshtemals are towels that are beautifully soft, they are versatile and look great in the bathroom and are also perfect for the beach. These towels are ultra-lightweight and have a quality of quick drying towels with a high level of absorbency. They are made from natural fiber and are useful during travels and packing in sports bags because of the way they roll up and fit into a small bag.

Historically, the use of Turkish towels has been an important tradition in the Turkish culture because they initially originated as part of the ceremonial bath that was used by brides before their weddings. They had different towels for the head, shoulder as well as hips.

In the Turkish culture, the intimate traditions were associated with the luxury bath towels so great care had to be put into the weaving techniques that were used to create the towels. This unique weaving pattern is what gives the towels a thick plush in the middle and this makes them luxurious and comfortable to use.

The following are reasons to get Turkish bath towels:

  1. They are made with material that is good quality because they are woven with 100 percent pure, soft, natural and top quality Turkish cotton. The good quality raw material makes the towels better and more luxurious.
  1. Turkish towels are available in different styles and types. This makes it possible for everyone to find their favorite type of towel.
  1. The towels are thicker and super absorbent than other towels because of the good qualify material. They can be washed in a machine and do not lose their absorbency and thickness.
  1. The towels are well stitched and this makes them suitable for use in daily life for all people.

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  1. They come in various colors that can satisfy everyone’s needs.

6. Turkish towels are long lasting, unique, stylish and fashionable as compared to others because they are made with the latest and advanced technologies. The long lasting effect keeps them longer and helps you save money in the long run.

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