Big men: How to dress for your size?

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So, every time you need to dress for stepping outside, do you worry about your size a bit too much? Not an issue anymore! The style isn’t fixed by sizes and shapes. Just because you are an overweight individual, it does not say that you cannot make a style statement. If we’re talking about style, clothing is more about attitude. Surely, you are good with the attitude part, if you wear clothes that flatter your body type, you can make a bold statement!

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  1. Do not hide!

If you have a heavy body set, you may be tempted to hide the flab under oversized clothes. But that does not work at all! They will only make you look bigger and sloppy. So the best you can do is slim yourself down visually. The trick is to keep eyes away from your bulk. For instance, the darker colours and following a monochromatic scheme will flatter the shape of your body. On the other hand, contrasting colours break your body in a half. This will make your large middle section stand out.

  1. Rule of thumb, beyond the fit!

Well, there are other specific things you can play with. You ought to remove the bulk (that extra layers of fat are your worst enemy). Next, you will need to elongate your body (use the darker colours and vertical stripes) and attract attention to the upper body (you can go for pocket squares and V – necks). Choose single breasted jackets, vertical striped shirts, lightweight knits, V – neck T-shirts, banker shirts and straight leg pants or jeans.

  1. What you must avoid

Double breasted jackets – They only bring attention to the mid – section of your body

Heavy knit sweaters – You need to cut on the bulk visually, not add to it with heavy fabric

Turtlenecks – They will make your neck appear shorter. On the other hand, V – necks bring out a sleeker silhouette

Super skinny ties – As much as they are trending, they won’t be in proportion to your torso. They will only end up looking really odd on you.


  1. Go the extra mile!

Go on a little ahead with some more effort. Only your clothes won’t do all the magic. You can add accessories like suspender and a cool pair of shades. These help you look stylish and smart. Also, the same adds confidence in you. Best of all, add the workout to your routine. Shedding the few extra pounds won’t ever harm and you will be less worried about what looks good and what does not.

Does this sound convincing? Go ahead, give your wardrobe a makeover, with clothes that will flatter you and add lots of confidence too!

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