Bridal Shoes for the Blushing Bride

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The wedding day is one of the longest yet quickest days in the life of a blushing bride. Ideally, the bride must put in enough time and effort to plan and prepare for the day so that all the finer details of the occasion gives her the best chance to have a truly enjoyable and drama-free day. Therefore, while the wedding dress requires absolute attention, the bride must never forget such small details as the jewelry and the shoes. In fact, the blushing bride must pick the most splendid pair that will make her shine brightest during her wedding celebration.

Selecting the Right Bridal Shoes

The right bridal shoes can boost the confidence of a blushing bride and make her feel like conquering the world. But as we know, finding the most perfect shoes is quite a tricky affair, especially when you are looking for the best pair for probably the most important day of your life. Nevertheless, a blushing bride who has mastered a few critical tips for selecting bridal shoes can always find the right shoes with little effort. So, how should you go about choosing the best bridal shoes for your wedding?

  1. Go for what you love

When choosing bridal shoes, you should go for what you love the most. In fact, it should be just like love at first sight. While recently there has been a trend towards wearing colored bridal shoes, you do not have to go this way if you do not have the confidence for the bright red suede. Instead, you can turn to sequins or metallic. As a rule, go for colors and styles that make you feel confident and happy, fabulous and self-assured.

  1. Prioritize comfort before style

When choosing bridal shoes, you must remember that you will be wearing them for the whole day. Therefore, you must first go for comfort before style. Pick shoes that will give you adequate comfort and which come with interior padding for extra comfort.

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  1. Heel height should meet your personal taste

Do you always prefer a 2-inch heel or a 5-inch heel? What heel height are you accustomed to? When choosing heel height, make sure to go for what matches your personal tastes and you are comfortable and familiar with. A great way of determining the right heel height for your bridal shoes is considering the height of the groom. As a rule, you should ensure that you do not tower over your man. This means that if you prefer to wear a 5-inch heel then you need to ask your groom to use shoe lifts to help balance your height.

  1. Matching shoes to your wedding outfit

It is advisable to choose your bridal shoes after selecting your wedding dress so that you can match the shoes to the dress. Similarly, you should know what the groom will be wearing so that there is no mismatch on the great day. And after buying the shoes, you need to bring them with you to your dressmaker so that necessary adjustments can be made on the length of the wedding gown to avoid having the dress sagging on your pair of heels.

  1. Consider all color and material options

Most blushing brides tend to limit themselves to white with satin or silk materials, but this should not be the case. You should try to make your bridal shoes your statement accessory by wearing a vibrant color. Indeed, this is a perfect way of integrating your wedding color motif perfectly and a creative way of wearing something you like so much.

  1. Consider the wedding venue

Bridal shoes should be practically suited to the wedding venue. For instance, wearing stiletto heels on a beach or garden wedding may not be very practical. Similarly, some hotel venues do not allow stiletto heels because they may scratch or damage the hotel flooring. Therefore, make sure to know what shoes are ideal for the venue.

  1. Try the shoes before the wedding day

Never wait till the wedding day before you try your bridal shoes. If you do so, you may just be signing up for a horrible day. Instead, buy your bridal shoes a few weeks before the wedding day and try them out to see how comfortable they are. When trying them, make sure to check whether the heels are perfect and comfortable. As a rule, you should wear the shoes around the house to allow your feet to get molded to them.

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