Bridal Shoes – Style Guide for Your Wedding Day

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When planning for their wedding, most brides concentrate on bridal dresses and often overlook bridal shoes. They consult wedding dress designers, visit bridal dress stores and set aside substantial amounts of money for their dresses. They also pay attention to every detail of the dress, making sure it fits their style, reflects their personality and embodies their hopes for their marriages. But what they forget is that bridal shoes are the heart of bridal outfits.

When ignored and left for last minute hassles, bridal shoes can become a conspicuous defect on the bridal outfit and a source of distress throughout the wedding day. For instance, choosing your bridal shoes in a rush can lead to picking ill-fitting shoes which may cause sore feet, forcing you to rub your feet every minute instead of enjoying yourself. Similarly, bridal shoes may look awkward when not properly matched with the style of the dress.

When to Choose Your Wedding Shoe Style

As you plan for your wedding, it is prudent to consider your wedding wear as a whole, from the headdress, bridal dress, shoes, flowers, to your bag. By doing this, you will ensure that the style of your bridal gown matches that one of your bridal shoes. You will also know how much money you need to spend on the bridal shoes and even buy them early enough to avoid opting for conflicting last-minute options. Indeed, the style of the bridal shoes should be picked when you are selecting your bridal gown so you can have them on hand for all your fittings.


Considerations When Choosing Bridal Shoe Style

The style of your bridal shoes should primarily be determined by your personal preferences and not by what fashion dictates. In fact, your intention should be to find a style that complements your personality, allows you to express yourself and feel better, matches the style of your wedding gown and offers you the level of comfort that you desire instead of looking for what is trendy. Respect your personal taste when choosing the style of your bridal shoes to prevent a feeling of unease and tension on your wedding day. Similarly, you should go for a bridal shoe style that fits within your wedding budget and which obeys the season and the weather.

Types of Bridal Shoe Styles

There are 6 main classes of bridal shoe styles: pumps, sling backs, sandals, platforms, flip-flops and slippers.

(a) Pumps 

Pumps (heels) are a traditional bridal shoe style. Coming in closed toe-and-sides design, the pumps simply slip onto the feet and cover the whole foot, including the heel and toes. They allow for better foot support and for the insertion of foot pads (supports) to achieve enhanced all-day comfort and fit. They are also ideal for women who want to conceal any blemishes on their feet. Nevertheless, the pumps can be somehow uncomfortable, depending on the height of the heel and the quality of the shoe.

(b) Sandals

Sandals are shoes with open toes and some form of strapping across the toe. Bridal sandals should be used during summer (warm weather) weddings because they can allow brides to show off their new pedicures and stay cool throughout their wedding without need for pantyhose or nylons. There are different strap styles for anchoring sandals to the feet, but you should go for the most comfortable and perfectly fitting strap style.


(c) Slingbacks

Slingbacks are sandals or pumps that allow the exposure of the heel and have the heel secured to the shoe with a strap. Different straps have different widths and are either elasticized or buckled to offer more comfort. Besides, the slingbacks are worn with or without hosiery to allow for more air circulation over the feet and to create a cooling effect.

(d) Platforms

For brides who find it difficult to walk in stilettos or very high heels, but still desire added elevation, platforms are a good option. By definition, platforms are shoes with up-raised, thickened soles on the entire shoe, creating what is literally a platform. The entire surface of every platform is the same height, but the shoes allow for variation of height from shoe to shoe depending on wearer preferences. Additionally, the shoes have heavier and more solid foundation which increases stability.

(e) Flip-Flops

A Flip-Flop has a single strapping over the toes and a band between the big toe and the second toe. It is a conventionally flat shoe with a slight heel height. Bridal Flip-Flops are newcomers in the wedding scene and are still limited to casual, care-free weddings, especially for contemporary young brides or tropical beach-scene weddings.

(f) Slippers

Slippers are reserved for dancing and enjoying the wedding night at your reception.

Finally, whatever the bridal shoe style you choose, make sure it matches or complements the style of your bridal gown. Speak to friends, family and colleagues when you are making your choice so they can help you to identify the best style for your choice. You should also consult wedding experts for their opinion on your preferred shoe style. Start early and order the shoes a week or so before your wedding date to avoid last minute rush.

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