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The maple syrup is one of the healthier alternative liquid for the sugar. This liquid is made by reducing the clean maple sap that is taken from the trees. Though, there are various types of maple trees grown, the one that produce the maple syrup is the Sugar Maple. This tree is also called the Acer Saccarum, which is famous for producing the high quality maple sap. These trees grow up to the height of more than 100 feet and the bark of the tree is used for making excellent furniture. Some of the other varieties of maple trees are The Red, Ash and the Silver leafed maple but the Sugar variety is considered to be the best.

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In various places of United States and Canada, the maple syrups are graded depending upon the color of the liquid. In US, both the Grade A and Grade B is available, but the Grade A is again divided in three categories depending upon color- light amber, dark amber and medium amber. The Grade B syrup is much thicker than the grade A. the grading helps one to identify the syrup and to buy the one that is required. Companies like Maple Syrup Direct offers wholesale maple syrup for the customers who want to have the best quality products.

The Black and Sugar Maple are favored across the world as they have high sugar content. Both these trees are available in Canada and in many other locations in US. The syrup that is produced by the Vermont variety has high standards of quality, density and color. The organic syrups are safe and do not contain any preservatives and chemicals. Always try to purchase the products from a reliable source that ahs well reputation in the market. The grade A maple syrup is widely accepted and it is used in the food like pastry and pancakes.

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