Choose the best one from the variety of seed beads

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Seed beads are used in variety of craft projects and beading projects. Seed beads are also called rocailles. You can find variety of seed beads in the market. Czechrocailles are precious beads that are used in embroidery, bead weaving, bead stringing and many other works. Ornela rocailles beads are high valued and of superior quality. They look very attractive and beautiful. Glass beads are very popular nowadays because of their versatility.

Czech varieties

Czech beads are widely used in embroidery work and jewellery making. They usually have the shape of a donut. They come with extremely small holes. For using, these beads in making embroidery, you have to tie them tightly using the threads. These beads come in different colours. They look extremely beautiful.


Crystal beads

Crystal beads are mostly made of polished glass. As the name suggests, they look like small colourful crystals and gems. Crystal beads can be used in embroidery, jewellery making and decoration work. Crystal beads sparkle in a brilliant way. These beads are a type of glass beads.

Buying tips

The prices of seed beads vary as per the quality. The best quality seed beads are most expensive while low quality beads are cheaper. If you are a jewellery maker or designer, it is beneficial for you to opt for good quality whole sale beads. In this way, you can get variety of beads at affordable prices. Another option for you is to buy bead mixes. In this way, you will get assorted beads that include pearls, wooden beads, seed beads, acrylic beads, glass beads, etc. Using all these beads, you can make stunning jewellery. You don’t have to buy various beads separately at higher price. From these two options, craftsmen usually prefer to buy whole beads. You can also opt for this option if you find it suitable for you.

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