Choosing the right chandelier

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Chandeliers not only light interior, but they are a very important aesthetic element of a room. Chandeliers can decorate an interior in many ways. The interior can look minimalist, or it can look very fancy. Chandeliers are a great space morphing tool, they look beautiful, and they are a great way of lighting a room. What more do you want?

But how do you choose the right chandelier? It can be difficult finding the right chandelier for your space. There are multiple factors that you should consider when choosing a chandelier for your home.

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So, what should you consider most when buying a chandelier?

A chandelier should be considered as a piece of furniture, it should fit into the overall style that dominates through the room. Most rooms need a bigger chandelier. For example, a big chandelier would go very well with a big sofa. It will balance everything out.

In the living room, the chandelier has the role of a savior, because without it a room can look boring and unfinished. Of course, not having a chandelier in a living room doesn’t automatically mean that the living room will be boring or unfinished, but why risk it? And having a beautiful chandelier in the room will definitely make it beautiful and interesting.

It is not necessary to have a small chandelier in a small room, but you should aim for it to be simple and straightforward. Otherwise, it will really clash with the entire room.

Does the chandelier fit the overall shape of the room? There really are no exact rules when it comes to the shape and size of a chandelier. A room that is typically square doesn’t necessarily have to have a square chandelier, and it’s the other way around. And although the shape and size doesn’t really matter, what matters is the style. Try to fit the chandelier into the overall style of the room.

What kind of light do you want? Chandeliers are not only stylistic elements, but they are also important functional elements since they light a room. So, you need to think about what kind of light you want in your room. Are you looking for a balance between natural light and artificial light? Then try mixing and matching different elements that will make this happen. A decent choice of blinds and the right chandelier will definitely create a balanced light in your space.

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At what height should the chandelier be? Experts usually say that the ideal chandelier height is 2 meters from the floor. It should be just high enough so people don’t hit their heads on it. For a bit more dramatic effect, you can lower it a bit over a table or somewhere where people don’t walk.

Is there too much? Yes, there is. In fact, chandeliers should be treated as great works of art. The most you should have is two in a room. Anything more than that is really too much. But, when you hang two chandeliers in a room they should be hung so they are far enough that they look like individual chandeliers.

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