Do You Know the Meaning Behind Gemstone Engagement Rings?

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If tradition was the fashion up until now, modern times state that being different means being fashionable. This extends to engagement rings as well. And it is also the reason why many couples nowadays look for original engagement rings that incorporate stones other than diamonds. It’s an extremely loved worldwide trend and everyone seems to want to get on board. But do you know the real meaning behind gemstones?

Here is a short guide explaining how different precious stones symbolize different things and why you should choose carefully which one will adorn your engagement ring for the rest of your life.

#1. The diamond ring

You already know that we normally wear diamond rings as a symbol of the promise of marriage between two people. You might even know that we wear them on the forth finger of the left hand thanks to the Romans. They believed the biggest vein in the body went straight from the heart to the left hand and right up into the forth finger. So, placing a round metal band there meant binding your heart to your chosen one forever.

But do you know what diamonds actually mean and why we wear them? The first man to ever seek a diamond engagement ring for his beloved was Archduke Maximillian of Austria. He commissioned one in 1477, for his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy. It’s the first ever recorded in history.

As far as symbolism goes, a diamond is chosen for its durability, meaning that the couple vow to be together forever. Also, because it’s clear, it has an implied purity of love and truthfulness to it. And, lastly, it’s expensive, meaning the man treasures his wife beyond money. All these ideas entered the general psyche after De Beers’s 1947 ad campaign, A Diamond Is Forever.


#2. The pearl ring

Definitely an uncanny and very special choice, a pearl engagement ring speaks volumes about the woman that receives it. The pearl is traditionally a symbol for perfection and femininity. And what better way to show the woman you love that she is perfect in your eyes, then by proposing to her using a pearl ring?

Pearls are also the official birthstone of June and, needless to say, they have a huge history in the world of jewelry. They also symbolize the moon, because of their likeness and ethereal grace, they are romantic, stand for feminine perfection and timeless elegance. This, for instance, is an amazing pearl engagement ring, that your lucky lady is bound to adore.


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#3. The sapphire ring

Sapphire has long been a symbol of commitment and truth, which is why it is a perfect gemstone to be used in an engagement ring, should you wish to replace the forever diamond. It’s the birthstone of September, but it has regularly been chosen by many brides along the centuries.

Sapphire stones usually come in a variety of shades, but the most common and the most loved is the deep blue one. Building on that, here is a tip to all the gentlemen out there thinking of buying the girl of their dreams a sapphire engagement ring. Since the stone itself comes in so many shades and if your lady has blue eyes, why not try and match the stone to her eyes. It will take a bit of research on your part indeed, buy she will appreciate all the effort you put into the engagement ring. Sapphires do stand for love, commitment, and loyalty after all.


#4. The amethyst engagement ring

This one is for a truly special bride, as it is not traditional at all. The amethyst stones usually come in a superb and lavish purple color which, surprisingly enough, has always been underappreciated as far as engagement rings go.

The stone itself stands for calmness and sobriety. Gem experts also say that the amethyst stones, if worn regularly, help people get in touch with their feelings. This sounds like a very pretty thing to declare in your proposal, for example. Therefore, if you know the lady of your dreams to be calm, composed, elegant, and a bit out of the box, the stunning purple colored amethyst is the way to go.


#5. The aquamarine ring

Is the girl you’re planning on proposing to in love with the sea or the ocean? Does she feel a connection to the wavy beaches and relaxing waves? Then an aquamarine engagement ring is the one for her. The word “aquamarine” literally means ‘sea water’, mainly because of the gemstone’s color. It usually comes in a very pretty and almost cold looking sea-foam blue. It looks somewhat like sea water than has been frozen into little shards of blue ice and then placed in a precious metal encasing. Amazing!

You should know the fantastic color is also the reason why this particular gemstone is so popular when it comes to jewelry. It symbolizes faithfulness, courage, being open, and friendly. It’s a very romantic stone, so make sure the ring that goes around it is up to par.


#6. The ruby engagement ring

The fiery ruby in an engagement ring stands for undying love, fierceness, sacrifice, and protection. Exactly the ingredients needed for a long lasting relationship. It also stands for unbridled passion, so make sure your lovely lady is the kind that could sport such a ring. It’s usually worn by fierce, independent, and powerful women, who know what they want, what they love and are not afraid to protect it.

The gemstone is the birthstone of January and it touchingly symbolizes the reunion of lovers who have been separated as well. It acts as an antidote for depression and generally brings wellbeing to those who wear it every day. Therefore, if you know your love relationship to be a desperately passionate one, choose the deep red ruby as a token of your love and appreciation.

All these gemstones have been admired and appreciated for thousands of years. Their significance is immense, seeing as wars were fought over them, countries were occupied to gain access to them, and alliances were broken because of them. It’s only natural they have deep significance, far more than being just a gem. Share that significance with your loved one and prove to the world how you feel.

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