Examples of Elegant yet Comfortable Women’s Knitwear for This Cold Season

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When it comes to autumn and winter fashion, the big challenge is to shield you from the elements and stay elegant at the same time. It may be hard to find the right items, when the market abounds in either sportswear or chic but uncomfortable items. You can get the best of everything, however, if you dress smart by picking versatile and alluring knitwear. Here are your top choices for this season – which can easily be counted as basic pieces for a whole range of looks.

  1. The wrap

Whether you opt for a large knitted scarf or for one of the latest hits, such as the two sided wrap, you can enjoy a versatile piece of clothing that can grace almost any outfit. Choose a neutral or solid color and wear it with skinny jeans and a checkered shirt, or put it over a simple, minimal office dress. It can be the perfect autumn wear regardless of what kind of shoes you’re wearing – from rubber boots to high heels.

  1. The oversized jumper

This is far more than a fashion trend. It’s meant to take you through all the weather caprices during the changing of seasons. If you are looking for a true piece of luxurious knitwear to help you stand out, opt for the two tone jumper. It’s a touch of class and also a way to make it easy to pair it with various clothing/colors. It’s even better if you purchase one with a bateau neckline (or boatneck).


  1. Side split jumpers (with or without zippers)

The new and more adaptable version of the oversized jumper – the side split jumper – allows for more flexibility than ever. Do you feel cold in the morning, ready to wrap up like in winter, only to feel super hot as the day progresses, then back to feeling the chill? The solution is the side split jumper, which won’t suffocate you as the weather gets warmer during the middle of the day. The zipper version is suited to more situations, since it’s even more adaptable. Therefore, forget about excessive layering and opt for this easy to wear, simple garment.

  1. The basic cardigan

As long as you keep it waist-length or close, made of a soft fiber and not so obvious knitting, you can pair a cardigan with any autumn outfit, even with an office or smart/casual dress. Opt for the classic type, with regular sleeves and front that can be buttoned up. Cotton and cashmere varieties are ideal. You can even tie your cardigan around your shoulders if you’re going for a sophisticated image. Thin cardigans will work best when you are going for a rather elegant look.

  1. Salt and pepper knitwear

Salt and pepper is an eternally fascinating and elegant knitwear pattern. It’s currently making a solid comeback and it would be a shame to miss it. It goes well with pretty much anything (except with other patterns) and is a classic, just like the houndstooth. Salt and pepper cardigans, wraps, jumpers, etc., make for excellent versatile wardrobe items for autumn and winter.

As you create your elegant autumn outfits, don’t forget to keep your style minimal. Also, don’t hesitate to add bold colors to liven up the gray days and shine wherever you go.

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