Expert Tips When Shopping for Girls’ Shoes

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Shopping for girls’ shoes can be quite a chore. Girls, even at their young age, already have fancy choices on their outfits, including shoes. So yes, when you take them out for shopping, they will definitely give you a hard time on which shoes to get.

Of course, as a parent, it is up to you to decide on the style and make of the shoes for your little girl to wear. However, you should be aware of the basics of shopping, as these tips will guide you in getting the shoes for her to wear.

Among the tips when shopping for girls’ shoes include:


  1. Know what size are your girl’s feet.

Before going out to shop, it is important that you already know the size of your little girl’s feet. This is essential since this will be the basis on the shoe size you are going to buy. A shoe size that’s a bit small for your daughter can be very uncomfortable for her to wear, while a size bigger may put her at risk to injury.

To know the size of her feet, you have to measure the length from the big toe all the way to the ball of the foot. It is common that one foot is bigger than the other, thus you have to use the size of the bigger foot as reference when shopping for shoes.

It is also important that you know how her feet reacts to different types of shoes; you are gauging for comfort and mobility, as these are the two things girls need in order to move around with the feet.

  1. If you’re taking her for shopping, better do it in the afternoon.

One essential tip when shopping for girls’ shoes is the proper timing. Hence, if you are taking her to the shoe store, it is most ideal to do it in the afternoon onwards. This is because the feet have already stretched to its normal size in the afternoon, after being stressed throughout morning hours. Our feet are usually smaller during the waking hours; a pair of shoes smaller than your usual size may fit you in the morning, but not in the afternoon onwards.

  1. The type of shoes to buy.

There are many kinds of shoes for girls. There are closed shoes, walking shoes, and sometimes even shoes with heels. When shopping for shoes however, you should think more about function and purpose, rather than style alone.

Black shoes are often the choice for girls going to school. These leather shoes are best worn with socks and matched with a particular uniform outfit. However, if your daughter does not wear a uniform to school, then you may buy her a pair of sneakers instead as these are casual, comfortable, and low maintenance.

Meanwhile, if you want an all-around shoe for your little girl, then better settle with sandals or walking shoes. These shoes allow for better foot movement, which is essential for girls who tend to run around and play throughout the day.

  1. Half-size allowance.

Lastly, if you are shopping for shoes that your daughter can wear as she grows up, then you might want to buy a pair of shoes that are a half-size bigger than her feet. A .5 allowance gives enough space for the feet to grow without being at risk to being too loose. The extra space can also be managed by making her wear socks.

This tip is applied best on leather and rubber shoes, as these are usually the types of footwear that are expected to last for a long time. However, when it comes to sandals and slippers, it is more important for her to wear the size that fits her properly as these will be eventually replaced after a year or so.

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