EZ Mount LED Ring Lights

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The EZ LED ring lights can be rapidly and effectively adjusted to any vision framework with both of four standard mounting alternatives. To start with, there is a standard M46 string jutting from the back of the EZ Mount LED Ring Light. Utilizing promptly accessible stride up or venture down rings it can be mounted specifically to the strings found toward the front of generally focal points. Second is the capacity to mount the focal point at the front end of the EZ Mount LED ring lights At the end of the day, an off-the-rack venture up or venture down connector ring can be utilized to adjust focal points with M43 or littler channel mounting strings. A rib at the front end of the EZ Mount LED Ring Light holds the progression ring with three set screws, and the camera focal point is embedded through the focal point of the EZ Mount LED Ring Light and strung onto the progression ring. In those few situations where the focal point’s locking thumbscrews may keep the focal point from fitting through the focal point of the EZ Mount LED Ring Light, additional position of safety substitution set screws are incorporated, permitting the projecting thumbscrews to be evacuated. Venture up and Step down connector rings are excluded with the light. Third is a T-opening on all sides. Standard modern T-nuts can be dropped into the opening for mounting. Fourth approach to mount the light is utilizing the strung M4 gaps on the back plate of light. The EZ Mount LED Ring Light are a high yield LED light in an aluminum lodging.


Lodging utilizes industry standard T-Slots for simplicity of mounting. Ring Lights are accessible in light yield of White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Cyan, IR and UV. Ring Light incorporates a coordinated consistent ebb and flow driver with an implicit strobe contribution with choice for PNP or NPN trigger control. No requirement for an outer driver to control the light. The incorporated driver additionally incorporates variable light force control. Light can be controlled by a manual potentiometer or a 0-10VDC simple flag.

The all metal development of the Ring Light Series of lights gives a little molecule safe and all around solid light. Its basic attachment and play 5 Pin M12 connector takes into consideration convenience while taking into account full control. The 0-10 VDC force control helps with increasing full control of the light yield. A standard 42 mm inward opening width takes into account use with almost all camera frameworks with accessible stride up and venture down transformation packs connectors.

The R80 works with either a NPN or a PNP flag and keeps running on an industry standard 24 VDC. 

The ODR80 highlights an Overdrive driver with NPN or PNP flag alternatives. 

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