Fashion Tips from Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto

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When it comes to signing up for different pageants, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto is now an expert since she gained that title back in 2013.  She has now put the pageant life behind her and is now focusing on her career but, she now is able to give any individual thinking about participating or who is currently participating in pageants some useful advice in order to crown them the pageant winner. You need to match with the latest fashion trends when it comes to pageants and this is the number one thing you must do if you want to win. Getting a pageant coach was exactly what Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto did to prepare her for the pageant competition. Several tips that Mandy Liang can give you are:

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  • Get a pageant coach! They can teach you the proper skills you need in order to win the pageant. The proper way to walk, act and look throughout a pageant is the way to win.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle way ahead of the pageant is important in order to obtain that beach body you want for the pageant.
  • Choosing your attire carefully: for the swim suit round, most individuals choose to go with no more than 4 inch heels and as well as a dark bathing suit. For the evening dress, you have to wear something that reflects your personality and that of course meets the latest fashion trends.
  • For the actual interview you should wear a neutral skin tone dress, something that goes well with your skin tone and match your heels with this.
  • Being on your best and most ladylike behavior is super important nearing the pageant and at the pageant of course will help you win. Maintain a straight posture, proper manners, smile as much as you can and keep your cool at all times.

At the end of your pageant, whether you win or lose, Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto explains that no matter what you feel accomplished; at least she did. Mandy Liang has been in other pageants where she came close to winning and she finally took home that trophy/crown in 2013 at the Chinese Toronto pageant. Since the pageant experience was a couple years ago for Mandy Liang Miss Chinese Toronto, she doesn’t plan on doing it again but can help anyone looking for advice on how to win a pageant and still continue to focus on her career.

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