Fashion trends to follow at workplace

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Women are making great progress at their workplace but yet what to pick out to wear to a business meeting and dinners or just to go to office is a huge task.

Here are some mistakes women make while dressing for work and how to steer away from it.

Forgetting Your Audience:

The first step is to remember that you have to dress for the company who is paying your salary and avoid clothes that collide with the culture of your company. Investment banks need conformists suits with neutral colors. On the other hand eccentricity and artistic flair is expected in advertising fields. Be bold and alter your clothing to fit your office culture.

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Wearing the Same Old Designers Again and Again:

Most women rush to their same designer store, as this is the quickest way to look updated. Try shopping at different stores to create a fresh look. Pattern tights, earnings and scarves can definitely work and bright up that neutral suit.  Lastly don’t forget the basics.

Not Paying Attention to Fit:

It is a known fact that we should avoid tight fitting clothes or clothes that are too skimpy. Stick to items with a fashionable cut and avoid any ill fitting clothing. Wearing something are fits you perfectly gives you that extra boost of confidence you require.


Going Trendy Instead of Timeless:

Except you’re working in fashion wearing the latest trends is a big no. Wearing very trendy clothing could outshine your work accomplishments. This doesn’t mean you should wear dull clothes. Don’t be afraid to take risk with colors fabrics and prints.

Dressing for the Weekend … During the Week:

Many companies have relaxed their dress codes. But many people misinterpret this. If you’re wearing jean make sure their neatly pressed and limit them to Fridays. As for the rest of the week business casual means skipping the suit and wearing some pants and a sweater or blouse.

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