Fictional Character The Ninth Doctor Black Leather Jacket

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The 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, is an individual who has a unique persona but a horrific story to tell. Looking friendly, goofy and jovial from the outside, 9th doctor has atroubled and dark influence. Even thoughhe is a war veteran and has gone through a lot, but never has he revealed his true intentions upon others. His perception towards humanity has changed to a lot sharper version, since the time he has been at Time War. He is finally able to cure his inner embittered feelings somehow by taking his views of the universe and perspective in time vortex from out of her mind.


Since the 9th doctor has been in war, he has become a hardened soul and calls the humans as “stupid apes,”while condemning their mistakes. The reason behind this that he has lost and seen too much and carries its burden on his shoulders. His quest for fighting evil continues, no matter what form it may be present within the society. He has endured anenormousalteration from afashionable gadabout space meddler to a war veteran. Initially, he was never at ease and was carrying the grief and guilt of what he had been through. He wants to transform himself back into what he used to do before the war, to be a doctor again.


The Ninth Doctor meets ashopgirl Rose Tyler in an empty departmental store, in an average borough of London, doing her daily routine work. While she is still working, all of a sudden,living shop window dummies, known as Autons attack her. Rose is terrified by her fate and thinking that this might be the end for her when all of a sudden the 9th Doctor appears out of nowhere to save her life. He fights the Autons and rescues the 19-year-old Rose. She wants to know more about her savior, the mysterious “Doctor” and begins searching for his background and ends up finding up more than she is ever anticipated. When she was safe from Auton attack, she was invited by the Doctor to his TARDIS.


Speaking of the Ninth Doctor, how can we forget about his attire? The apparel thatcomprised ofvarious dark-colored frocks, black leather jacket, and black trousers. Ninth Doctor Leather Jacket is the most talked about aleather jacket that everyone wants to get their hands on. Christopher Eccleston portrays the role of 9th doctor wearing a leather coat, fighting Autons and saving the girl Rose Tyler.


Doctor Whohasa cool leather jacketthat comprises of lapel collar coat, two flap pockets and two vertical waist pockets (flap). To give you a comfortable feel inside, a viscose lining is provided inside, while on the outside,9th doctor jacketcomprises of button closure with six front buttons. The best part about itis that it can be worn on every occasion including the parties and professional meetings.Black Leather Jacket is your shopping destination offering you an exciting replica of theleather jacket ofDr. Who.


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