Five Pros Of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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  1. More Cost Friendly.
  • If you are looking to purchase a clarity enhanced diamond for yourself, or a loved one, a wonderful benefit is they are less expensive than a diamond that has not undergone any treatment. These specific diamonds are cheaper because they have slight imperfections that need to be fixed. These slight imperfections make the diamond a lesser value because they have to be tampered with to insure their beauty to a customer’s visible eye. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are a very controversial product. Some buyers want their raw cut diamond to be absolutely free of imperfections, no laser treatment, no fixation to make the color more vibrate, no removal of black carbon matter, no fracture filling. These raw cut diamonds may be more rare to find than a diamond that is clarity enhanced. The rarity of a diamond increases the cost.


  1. Makes The Diamond Appear More Beautiful.
  • When you look at one of these diamonds they are absolutely flawless. The treatment that these diamonds undergo ensures that each diamond has no visible flaws. If you choose to purchase a diamond that is untreated, it may contain a very small crack with the inside of your stone. These untreated diamond would be more easily broken than a clarity enhanced diamond that has received a treatment to fill the crack to make the diamond less likely to break and it enhances the diamond’s beauty at the same time.
  1. Still A Natural Cut Diamond.
  • Even though this specific type of diamond is enhanced in order to take away some small flaws within each stone, it is still an absolutely natural diamond. These diamonds are not made in a laboratory by a human. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are still obtained from deep down in the ground of the Earth. These diamonds are discovered and gathered by a human from mining or an eruption of a volcano. These diamonds are obtained and found just like any diamond that did not receive a treatment.
  1. Get A Larger Diamond.
  • Since Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are more cost friendly that a natural untreated diamond, you are able to get a much bigger diamond for the same price as a smaller natural untreated diamond. Everyone knows that most women dream of a huge beautiful rock displayed on their finger that anyone can see even if they are clear across the room. Women love to show off their goods. Not only does it make them feel good to own something nice, but it makes us women feel absolutely beautiful. And when we feel beautiful we are happy. A happy woman, makes a happy man.
  1. No One Can Tell These Diamonds Have Been Treated.
  • These treatments are not at all visible to a human eye. You can look at all of the clarity enhanced diamonds from best brilliance and the only thing you notice is the sparkle. Nobody will look at your diamond and notice it is clarity enhanced. Natural Untreated diamonds are harder to obtain and most likely are less sparkly to the human eye than a diamond that is clarity enhanced.

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