Get a consolidation loan for your credit card in few days

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Hello, I am Jenifer and this is a real incident that happened to me. When I applied for a credit card the company asked me that I should also get credit cards for my family members too. The rates of interest were not high so I took three more credit cards. Total numbers of cards that my whole family was having were 4 credit cards.

 For few months everything was good and we all were living a normal life. Then an incident happened in the family and we lost a member. All the credit cards were used for paying hospitals to funerals bills. We did spend all the money without even thinking. I knew that when the bill of credit card will come then it is going to be a huge amount.

At the end of the month when the bills came my thought of worry became a reality. The amount of the bill was huge and still I was not it a state of paying all of it. I went to the credit card company so that the bill can be paid in installment. But the credit card company was not listening. They were ready to take some actions against us and it could bring our personal credits down.

Then my husband told me that we need credit card loan consolidation. Then he told me that he knows some people from debt settlement companies and they can help us. It was not the time for the talks and we head towards one of the settlement company. We did meet few people there and told them about out conditions.

They told that it’s better if we took credit card loan consolidation and merge all the accounts into one. The interest rates of different accounts were high enough to bring out a fortune to be paid in once. The suggestion was given that loan will be provided by one creditor and then from that money, the bills of credit card will be paid.

Once the bill is paid then all the accounts for credit cards will be closed. Still, we had to pay the amount of loan to a new creditor but the amount has to be paid in installment. This was the best idea that I also agreed to because this was the only option that I was having at that time.

The debt settlement company had arranged a new creditor whose monthly installment amount was very less. The full settlement for the new creditor is going to take 4 years and now only 2 more years are left. I thank Debt Settlement Company that they did a great job in helping me out.

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