Get Glam make up in 10 minutes

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With a busy day at work and crazy schedules to follow, it’s difficult for most women to take time to make breakfast, let alone make over your face. We have come to your rescue and have come up with easy make up tips that are undeniably stunning and give you the much needed perfect look in a breezy moment in under 10 minutes.

  1. If you are planning to go sophisticated

Red lips are a common sight in parties. To give it a new look, you can come up with some changes. Rub a washcloth to get away with unwanted flakes. Next, apply a long wearing lipstick using your finger, as applying directly with tube in not recommended. When you are done with it, apply a thin layer of lip balm to bring in the shine. Rest of the makeup should be comparatively simpler. Shaping the brow and applying mascara twice will make you picture perfect. You can try Aerin Rose Balm lipstick in Wild Lilac, to get that ultimate look.

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  1. Show your romantic side

Go for soft colours as they look calm and enticing. Go for a cream formula with a bit of shimmer in it. Skin absorbs it and gives you a natural look. Accentuate you eyelids by giving them a perfect colour and dab a bit on the corner to give them a bright eyed look. Keep away from blue as it comes up as too frozen. Try using lighter colours, if you are colour-shy.

  1. Put on a dramatic look

Using a liner which adds a dash of glint instantly brings drama. Vibrant coloured like emerald green, bronze or eggplant are much in fashion these days. Thick and longer eye liners match the occasion well. Go for a simple lip colour and two coats of mascara will suffice.

Thus, try out these styles and look and get the perfect makeup for every occasion.

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