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The healthy and tasty maple syrup as we all know is actually the sap obtained from the maple trees. The process employed to obtain this sap from the maple trees is named as tapping. This syrup is very popular worldwide because of its health attributes. It serves as a healthy replacement for the processed sugars that are used to cook regular foods. They are also used as accompaniments with various other food items because of their unique richness in their taste. Glazes and barbeque sauces for poultry items as well as meat products contain maple syrup as a key ingredient.

Like every other indigenous item, the production and quality of maple syrup is also influenced by the local elements. The main ones are the soil factor, the climatic factor, the genetic factor of the tree and also the health factor of the tree. The techniques that the manufacturers use to process the sap also contribute in making a difference in the quality of the syrup.

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Only few provinces of Canada like Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, etc. are the major contributors towards production. The USA produces only a small fraction.

The tapping season for maple trees to collect the sweet sap is also a very short one. It starts with the dawn of the colourful enlivening season of the spring. But it stays only for a few weeks. During this interval the trees are tapped in the centre to obtain the sweet delicious juice which is the delectable maple syrup.

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