Great Christmas Gift Ideas

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Are you struggling with an ever growing Christmas list? Besides the stress of breaking the bank, the enormous amount of time it can take to research the perfect gift, head to the store, return to gift wrap and then back out again for shipping. It’s enough to make you forget the joy of the season and wish for January. There are alternatives to this craziness that will allow you to actually enjoy the gift of giving and the real reason for the season. Take these recommendations from the professionals and you gift giving season will be off to a great start.


Make a list and check it twice. Check to make sure it matches your bank account and the strict budget you’ve set for gift giving. Don’t forget to add the additional expenses of the season such a Christmas decorations, wall decor, tips for service providers and extra tithing at church. For those on your list that seem to have everything, the new trend is towards consumables. This can either be items that will be eaten and enjoyed or gift certificates to experiences. Consider movie tickets, restaurant vouchers and spa treatments for those on your list that seem to either have everything or be perfectly content with what they already have.  Take advantage of the great savings offered by Groupon coupons and head to Sees for delicious goodies that everyone on your list will enjoy. They take care of the wrapping and shipping and you get all the credit. More importantly, you get to save your precious time instead of fighting the crowd at the mall and post office.

The gift of your own time is the ultimate treasure for the recipient. Do you have great computer skills, garden abilities, awesome with organization or children? Give a gift certificate of your time to your love ones. That will be the most cherished gift of the season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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