Guide To Choosing Perfect Watch To Gift Your Girlfriend This Monsoon

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Monsoon is just around the corner and the occasional drizzles can tell it is the perfect time to hang out and go on vacations. While rains make the perfect decorum of romance, we love to make the most of this season with our loved ones or partners. How we wish the rains never end and the weather stays at its romantic best!

But being a lover is so cliché. Instead, be a thoughtful lover, take your girlfriend out on a nice date and surprise her with a gift of lifetime – a gorgeous watch. We bet she will be truly amazed and equally delighted to see you have worked on getting her something special. So lads, let’s talk about choosing a perfect watch to gift your girlfriend, step by step –

Step 1: Decode her fashion style

Choosing the right watch requires some information about her fashion sense. Is she a sports fan or a girly girl? Does she like big dials or she sticks to smaller ones? Does she wear more western outfits or likes traditional Indian wears? These questions will help you in choosing the right watch style for her. If you are still confused and don’t want to get into details, we will suggest you gift the classiest option that will go with any outfit – a plain silver ladies watch.

Step 2: Choose the watch style

There are a number of options in branded watches for women unlike that of men. You can select from jewelry watches, fashion watches, dressy watches, sporty watches and what not. Let us make this simple for you. If you want a classy and elegant watch, then go for round dial and fashion watch. If you want to gift for a special occasion, go for jewelry watch as these women’s watches come studded with precious and semi-precious stones and make for an extra special gift.

For casual everyday wear, you can go for sporty or dressy watches. An example of an everyday formal watch is Titan’s Raga series watches which come studded with stones and glistening Swarovski crystals. They will lighten up her mood in minutes.


Step 3. Decide about the strap

Strap of any watch matters the most. Most of the watches for women come with a bracelet or metal strap. So you will have options to pick from silver, gold and rose gold metal bracelet strap. Also, pay attention to the width of the strap.

The watches for girls come with a sporty strap mostly. So if your girl is an adventure or sports enthusiast, then simply go for a sturdy sports watch. Sports watches come with added features like chronograph, altimeter etc.

Now, if you don’t want to go with either of them, go for a classy leather strap. They are up to date and make for a royal appeal. The straps with the contrasting dials look real feminine and stylish.

Step 4: Pay attention to watch material and movement

Most watches have two types of movements – mechanical and quartz. Mechanical ones require high-end engineering for time precision so they are on little expensive end than quartz ones. If you want to give a pricey gift, then without a second thought, go for mechanical ones.

Also, ceramic and stainless steel are two top-notch watch materials to go for. Stainless steel straps are durable and stay for a lifetime. Ceramic is widely used in present day watches and is scratch proof. It gives a premium look to the watch and looks gorgeous on the wrist.

So stick to these tips and choose a perfect gift for your special one!

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