How to choose best eyeliner for you: helping guide for beginners

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It’s a real struggle when you are looking for perfect eyeliner that is not only suitable for your eyes but also easy to apply. Fault is not yours; there are so many eyeliners that come in different types with different price tags. So, how you are going to find that one perfect eyeliner for you? Well, it’s not that hard if you know the types and how it can be used. One more thing that plays a crucial role in finding perfect eyeliner is to choose best eyeliner manufacturing companies. There are various repudiated companies like Younique that offers amazing deals with best products.


Know about the eyeliner’s types

Basically there are three kinds of eyeliners that are trending in the fashion’s market. Such as:-

Gel eyeliners: it’s a best choice for getting bold and catlike eyes. Gel eyeliners come in pot shape boxes with small brush. Is better to know about its pros and cons before applying it. Well, apart from that gel eyeliners are good if you like to have smudgy look.

Liquid eyeliners: super easy to apply and get better clean sharp lines. But it can’t be used for getting smoky eyes however; it’s a best if you want to have a bold look. One of the biggest advantages of using liquid is it can be easily removed by damp cotton balls and you don’t have to do lots of struggle in getting pointy eye .

Pencil eyeliners: if you have a budget problem, then pencil eyeliners are best for you. It’s cheap but suitable for getting Smokey and smudgy eyes. Pencil eyeliners are handy so you can carry your eyeliner with yourself easily. But at the same time you need to reapply your liner for maintaining your eye’s makeup. One of the great benefit in using pencil eyes that they live much longer as compare to other eyeliners.

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