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How to Impress Guests with Wedding Suits

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With guests traveling far and wide to come and make your wedding occasion memorable, as the groom , accompanied by your team, it is only proper that you ensure you not only act the part but look it as well. You can achieve this by being smart and well dressed. Here are some important tips on how to impress your guests with your wedding suits. These include but are not limited to the following;


Get well-fitting wedding suits

Irrespective of how much you may have spent on a suit or how good looking it is, nothing turns off guests more than an ill-fitting suit. It is worth mentioning from the onset that this applies to the entire entourage, even if the groom may be wearing a well measured and tailored suit, if one of his groomsmen is wearing an ill-fitting suit then the whole look of the party is negatively affected. The easiest way of ensuring that everyone has a well-fitting suit is to buy and try out the suits in one place and on time. Make sure all the groomsmen try out the suits and let everyone comment on each other’s looks, noticing an ill-fitting suit may at times require a set of extra eyes and it is important to be there for each other during this period. You should also make a point of trying out the wedding suits at least a week prior to the wedding so as to have ample time to make any changes if necessary.

Choose the correct color and fabric

After the fitting of the suit, it is important to take into consideration the fabric of the suit as well as the color. It is important to choose a comfortable and easy to maintain fabric. When looking at the fabric, take into consideration the weather conditions and whether the wedding will be an indoor or outdoor affair. Choose a fabric that fits the wedding setting and guests are bound to be impressed. It is also important to choose a good color for your wedding suit. Even though you as the groom may not mind wearing your suit only once, chances are that your team may prefer a more subtle colored suit which they can wear for other activities after the wedding. That’s the reason why common, eye friendly colors are usually the preferred choice for many weddings.

Accessorize accordingly 

As the adage goes, a suit is only as good as its accessories. No effort should be spared when it comes to accessorizing the suit. Always keep in mind that unique finishing touches such as shoes, shirts, ties and cufflinks can easily give the plainest suit a very original and unique twist that’s bound to remain etched in the memories of your guests. These accessories are worth investing in because they can be worn again and again without much ado.

Don’t be too trendy with your suit

Being fashionable and in vogue is not wrong, as a matter of fact, it is encouraged. The recommendation though is to try and be trendy with the accessories and be a tad conservative with the suit. Even though a wedding is a happy occasion and people are expected to be jovial and merry, it is also a very solemn occasion which demands respect. There are thus other fashionable trends which may be quite classy and trendy but may not be appropriate for your wedding. Alternatively, you can try out more trendy outfit or styles during the evening party if you feel that you must have a dash of trendy fashion running through the wedding.

Wear a suit that reflects your personality

Most of the people whom you have invited to your wedding know you quite well. It is therefore important to wear a suit that reflects your personality; they are bound to appreciate it more. As a matter of fact, they will not be surprised. So if you are an outgoing person and you are comfortable wearing a bright colored suit or accessorizing with something spectacular such as colored shoes then go for it. But if that’s not your personality or style, steer away from it because your guests will notice your discomfort and they won’t be impressed at all.

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Know your cuts and styles

When you are going shopping, know your cuts and styles and get acquainted with some of the common terms and designs bandied around the wedding scene. If you opt for a dinner suit then know that that this is ideal for a black tie event and is some sort of tuxedo jacket, it is rarely buttoned up and is single breasted. A tailcoat is short at the front but longer at the back, you can wear it with or without its accompanying hat, on the other hand a three quarter length jacket is a more modern alternative to the tailcoat but is not ideal for people who are short. Knowing such simple basics and much more will ensure that you choose the correct wedding suit, wear it properly and look stunning during the wedding ceremony.

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