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How to Pick the Right Thong

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We have always shuddered at the thought of wearing tight fitted jeans to work or a tight fitted skirt or a dress to an event in fear if the VPL’s – a girl’s nightmare. VPL means visible panty lines that peek out of your outfit. Imagine being all dolled and dressed up but theses visible panty lines ruin all the grace you had carried. This is why thongs were invented to the rescue. The primary and the biggest advantage of the thong panties is that they get rid of VPL’s. But what exactly is a thong?

A thong is a type of panty that starts at the waistline but then goes down to a skimpier piece covering your parts and does not cover your entire backside leaving your butt almost exposed. Wearing a thong for the first time can be hard as you are not yet used to the feeling of a piece of fabric between your butt cheeks. 

SIZE: The first and probably the most important step in choosing a thong is ensuring that it’s completely your fit. You can choose the size that you choose for your regular panties. However, most things are made of a quite flexible material, and you can opt for a size down if you feel like it. Size is of the utmost importance because the thong will be closest to your body and anything too tight or too loose will simply not do. The thong that you choose should fit you like a second skin to perfection.

Preference: You need first to decide your choice as to what type of thing you would like to wear. This means that if you want to buy a sexy pair of thongs to go in all the way, you can look for lacy mesh thongs or if you prefer thongs for daily wear, look for comfortable pairs of cotton. So, it all depends on what one prefers. Once you have decided your preferences, you can start picking up stuff you like.

Types of thongs: There are different kinds of thongs available in the market these days. You can choose any one depending on your own preference of one over the other.

1. G-String: A G-String is a sexier, more risky variation of a thong. It covers even less than a thong does. As the name suggests, it basically is reduced to string between the butt cheeks. It is a very bold style and requires a lot of getting used to. You could wear this for a date night or an anniversary to give your significant other a sexy and wild surprise.

2. Tangas: This variation of a thong covers more of the area than the G-string does. It looks very much like a bikini in the front as it covers the front completely in a V-shaped fabric and then goes around the back. However, it is not a string in the back and covers the butt partially.

3. Thong-Boy panties: The thong boy panties are like boy shorts in the front and like thongs in the back. If you are looking for something comfortable that can be worn every day, these are your best option. These panties are very comfortable and have the added benefit of a thong too- the invisible panty lines.

The important thing to keep in mind while shopping for thongs is to take care as to which fabric you are choosing. More the cotton, the better it is for the skin. So, give in to your shopping splurge now and away you go!!!!

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