Inventive Ways to Organize Your Shoes

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 Organizing and storing your shoes can be — and should be — fun! Whether you’re a serious shoe addict with lots of display-worthy pairs, or looking for practical, affordable solutions to get your shoes in order, check out the tips below for some inventive ideas.

  1. Think Outside the Shoe Box. Furniture doesn’t have to be specifically made for shoes in order to hold them. And maybe you already own furniture you can repurpose, or perhaps it’s time to do a bit of Craigslist or garage/stoop/yard sale scouring.

A glass front cabinet that you can keep in your bedroom or entryway is an excellent way to keep all your shoes in one place, with easy access and visuals. You’ll also be able to use the top of the cabinet for additional storage: Place baskets to use as catch-alls for emptying pockets or purses at the end of the day, or store scarves, hats and gloves in the colder months. Or, use the top of the cabinet as decoration: Put a bright vase for a pop of color on a vintage doily, or, if that room gets enough light and ventilation, a plant or plants in complimentarily colored planters.


Bookcases are also another way to repurpose furniture you may not traditionally think of for shoe storage. Check to see whether the shelves are adjustable, and if so, you’ll be able to customize for height: Make the shelves for your flats shorter, which will in turn give you space to store taller boots and booties.

  1. Hang your Boots. Speaking of taller shoes, these can be some of the most challenging to store (and let’s be honest: that pile of boots on your closet floor just isn’t cutting it anymore). Try a hanging boot rack, which you can suspend from your existing closet rod. The best option will hold multiple pairs of boots and allow you to easily slide them on and off.
  1. Use Your Doors. The insides and outsides of your doors can be utilized a plethora of ways for shoe organization: A multitude of products exist for these, from hanging canvas shoe bags to over-the-door shoe racks. Pick one that works best for your space and shoes. If you have a lot of flip-flops, for example, there are hanging racks made especially for those where you slide the flip-flops in. (They won’t, however, necessarily work for other types of shoes.) Make sure you read the product reviews before you make your purchase: Check to see what others have to say about the product’s sturdiness, and also the ease of taking your shoes in and out.

DIYers, take note. If you’re feeling crafty, we’ve also included a few options that you can make yourself.

  1. Wall Moldings for High Heels. Where to get wall moldings? You can take apart a picture frame, for one, or use actual wall moldings: Purchase these at a hardware store or any number of thrift / salvage stores. You can either cut them to size yourself, or have the folks at the home improvement store do that for you. Paint them a fun color, hang them on your wall (make sure they’re level so that shoes don’t slide off), and you’ll have the perfect wall-mounted storage and display rack for your fabulous heels.
  1. Floating Shelf Racks. These are wonderful for small spaces, and work best for non-delicate shoes such as gym shoes or everyday flats. The idea is that the shelves are super close together so that only the toe of the shoe goes in, while the rest of the shoe is suspended in the air. You can install these anywhere you have some extra space, like an entryway nook.

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