Knowing your face shape for appropriate Hijab

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5 Face Shapes for Hijab Appropriate

We all seem to know what clothing works well for our body shapes, but so many Muslim woman don’t know how to style their hijabs to suit their face shapes. It is all about balancing out your face and framing it in a way that compliments your angles and features. While styling hijabs I have faced this problem with many girls who feel insecure about this, it is truly depressing if you feel like you hate your face. You were made this way, embrace it! use your hijab to frame your face and not forcefully hide those cheekbones because you think it looks better hidden!


So, we’ll start off with naming the most common face shapes: oval, square, round, rectangular and heart-shaped. I know that all these different face shapes may sound ‘weird’, and you most likely would never have considered them before. If so, you’ll need to do a mirror analysis to determine your face shape after you’ve read this post.

Oval faces (being the most symmetric of all face shapes) will 99.9% of the time suit all hijab styles and can work pretty much any scarf shape out there. Well, lucky for you the one who has an oval face, oval face shape can have the free use of the headscarf models that you like. From material selection to any model will look good on oval faces. This is considered by many to be the ‘perfect’ face shape. If you fall under this category, let your hijab fall naturally against your face shape when styling it around your face’s frame. You won’t want to change anything too much, so to keep that beautiful oval face, well, oval, follow your face with the scarf as you’re wrapping it around your face, and remember: you don’t need any adjustments for this one, because oval is ‘perfect’!

Regular Pashmina style and tight Turkish style hijabs for instance look great for the oval shape.

If you happen to have a considerably short face (ie, your face width from side to side is longer than its length from top to chin), then what you want to do is try to lengthen your face as much as possible, and adjust the proportions of your face with the scarf. By bringing the sides of your scarf a tad forward to the ends of your eyebrows and pulling your scarf back to your hairline, you’ll automatically lengthen your face. The best tip for this look is to avoid hiding your eyebrows and forehead!

Do not opt for a style that clings tightly around your face as it only emphasises your elongated head. Instead you can try shortening the length by pulling your undercap down your forehead so it cuts at least a quarter of the length off your face. Expose your cheekbones as far back as you can to create some much needed width to your face while also choosing hijabs with ruffles and volume/detailing at the sides of your head to further create an illusion of width. Don’t add volume to the top of your head or expose your neck as this only extends the length of your face and drags it down.

The key to hijab style for rectangular faces is to make sure you lengthen your face with the style. This means that you should keep your forehead visible and bring the hijab a bit closer to your face from the sides. This will create an illusion of a longer face length.

Well, for those who have a long face shape/ oval, will look beautiful if you use Turkish hijab style. Because this model uses hijab usually under caps to the forehead, thereby reducing the effect of the length of your face.

If you have a round face shape, sometimes we find it difficult to find the exact model of hijab because if any, we face it will be more visible round. So if you’re a little ‘chipmunk’ with nice, chubby cheeks and a rounder chin than most people, you’ll likely want to disguise those cheeks and chin as much as possible. Often, you may be tucking your cheeks into the side of your scarf in an attempt to hide them, but you’ll find this will just end up making you look more like, indeed, a chipmunk! Instead, let the scarf fall against your cheeks and chin loosely, especially wearing it quite loosely under the chin so as not to push it out too much. By pinning it loosely, you’ll create more folds and add texture to your hijab, which will disguise those rounder edges much more naturally than by pinning it tightly underneath.

Women with round faces should not wear undercaps/ underscarves/ bonnets that are pulled down over their forehead as it shortens a round face incredibly. Round faces need length, so if you do wear an undercap you need have it hidden. Always make your hijab start at the very beginning of your hairline – try it, it will make use of the length you have. By doing this and by also framing the scarf close over the cheekbone area of your face, you can create the illusion of an oval shape.

Round faces should also avoid the Egyptian/ Spanish hijab styles that expose the neck, especially if you have a double chin or chubby face in general (no matter what your face shape). It doesn’t flatter at all and just makes you look like a fatty turtle head as it puts the focus straight on any chunkiness you have in that area. These styles only really look good on people who have a slender neck. Short necked people in general should stay away from this particular style as well.

Now, if you have a square face with a strong, heavy jawline, cheekbones and forehead (ie, similar-looking to an ‘action-man’), then again you’re going to want to keep the scarf loose under the chin to create those feminine folds and flows in your scarf. By pinning the scarf tightly underneath your chin, you’re just going to accentuate that jaw even more. Framing the scarf around your forehead in a rounder shape (but still keeping the forehead in view) will ‘ovalise’ your face overall!

The model should be highly avoided gypsy head scarf for you who have a square face shape. Because the model hijab gypsy will only accentuate the shape of your jaw, and make your face shape look more ‘box’. So, you should choose a model of hijab rounded shape. For material selection, try selecting a hijab of soft chiffon material and plain or floral motifs. Well, this new material such as the right choice for you, because it will make your soften face shape that looks stiff.

The typical Turkish style hijab that involves a square scarf pinned tightly under the chin and covers the sides of the top of your head looks horrible on square faced women as it turns their face into a heavy triangle. It seriously just pushes out a square jaw and loses all femininity instantly. Instead frame your chin and the sides of your jawline with a nice scarf to give a more rounded/ oval appearance and keep the forehead and cheekbone area uncovered. Kuwaiti hijab styles look great too with a square face.

Normally for the faceless hearts, have a small face shape (the distance from the eye to the forehead close), You have a lovely wide forehead and a teeny tiny chin that gives off a ‘tweety bird’ face. In my own personal opinion, this is a beautiful shape to have. However, you may sometimes have the problem of a ‘disappearing’ chin at times! Not to worry – for your hijab styles, try not to add too much volume with folds and layering at the back and sides of your head; you already have that width naturally. By pinning your hijab under your chin, framing it right at the edges of your jaws, you’ll hopefully give off a bigger jawline/chin look. This will even out your face proportions. Another tip that will look extra good on you is to make a point with your scarf at the top of your forehead – trust me, it will really suit you. But then again, so will showing your whole forehead – so feel free to enjoy the choice you have!


You should use like a Bergo or a hijab gypsy model, with a note: you have to neck and ears closed perfectly manicured. Covered Girl has a great suggestion for a great heart-shaped hijab style. You can also make a tiny point on top of your forehead with the scarf. This adds a great touch that will compliment your face shape in a beautiful way.

Those are all the little tips I have for now, but remember – there are many more face shapes out there, and not everyone will fall under one specific category. The most important thing is to make sure you’re confident with your hijab style. When you’re confident, you can carry anything off!

Hope that helps! And here’s the video:

What shape do you have? How do you frame your face for the best shape?

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