Learn About the Different Style of Massage

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For a long time now, massage treatments have been providing a range of relaxation, pain relief, and complementary medical benefits. And while everybody knows what a massage is, not everybody knows what each style entails or the benefits it provides.

The Swedish Massage

The best place to start is with the most well-known massage style. Performed through long strokes along the muscles towards the heart, this style of massage promotes blood flow towards the heart and blood oxygen levels. During this massage, Swedish Massage therapists aim for total body relaxation.


Deep Tissue

Also known as a Sports Massage or an Athlete’s Massage, the focus is on the protective layers of tissue and tendons that surround your muscles. A professional therapist, such as one performing this local massage will use extreme pressure to reach deep into these layers to release tension and promote recovery.

It is worth noting that a true Deep Tissue massage can in no way be considered relaxing. The focus of this massage is solely on muscle tension release and recovery.

Aromatherapy Massage

This treatment is just as it sounds; involving a regular massage treatment combined with purpose selected burning fragrances to assist in relaxation. While some people can receive great benefits from this massage, many find the scents distracting.

Hot Stone Massage

Considered to be one of the most exotic, this back and shoulder stress-relief focused massage sees hot stones placed on key points along the spine and shoulder blades. Once the hot stones have begun to relax your muscles, your therapist will use them to gently work out any particular muscle tension you have.

Thai Massage

A very interactive type of massage, Thai Massage is focused on placing small amounts of pressure on joints throughout your body by pose manipulation. If you can imagine a yoga class where the instructor comes and moves you into position until it’s time to change, that’s a good understanding of a Thai Massage.

With our schedules getting busier and busier each month it’s important to take some time out for yourself to relax and re-energize. No matter which massage piqued your interest, be sure to indulge.

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