Led Sneakers Evolution and Improvement’s over Time

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LED sneakers have been continuously evolving. Light up sneakers were considered as the first electronic gadgets kids have ever possessed. The history of these shoes is quite magical and interesting.

You had worn light up shoes when you were a kid

Light up shoes were first introduced in the year 1990. LED sneakers became very popular as running shoes. Kids would be thrilled to wear them. Every time they walk, their shoes get illuminated. Back then the lights would only turn on when you walked.


Used for athletic purpose

Later on, LED sneakers were designed for professionals who took part in athletic activity. The flexible rubber based soles offered a high level of comfort to professional athletes. American consumers quickly started replacing their traditional shoes by these sporty sneakers. Due to their popularity with famous athletes, light up shoes became a significant market.

Started getting used in colleges

The year 1992 witnessed a mad craze for LED sneakers. Many of the retail stores got flooded with the arrival of fresh and branded stock of these colorful and trendy shoes. Many teenagers and children took a liking to the shoes and the mass market was born.

Present day LED Sneakers

Now these shoes are not just limited to the use of kids, but they have been increasingly used by people of all ages. Today’s light up shoes are evolved and charge like a cell phone; carry over 20 different styles of flashing and non-flashing lights and colors. You can even control some of them with a cell phone application.

How to use the light up shoes in the best way?

  • Properly charge your shoes
  • Wear these shoes at the right occasion and place
  • Wear the appropriate fit
  • Change colors depending on your outfit or mood
  • Keep away from Water
  • Keep away from cold or hot areas
  • Do not place them inside the washing machine

In this way, the design of light up shoes changed with passing years. From sports shoes to safety accessory, these shoes have become a huge hit once again

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