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 The sap that is tapped from the maple trees is marketed as maple syrup. This indigenous syrup has a lot of health advantages and thus supersedes the use of processed sugars in diet. They are thereby used for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle by many people. They have also found an increasing demand in the market because they add a depth in the taste of variety of foods. Maple syrup is also used as barbeque sauces and glazes for different meat and poultry products.

But the availability of this original maple syrup is extremely limited. It is very rarely available in the local market shops and is hardly available for use overseas. The main causes are its trivial production area and its equally small production season. The trees are tapped for the sap at the beginning of the spring season. This tapping period lasts for a very short span ranging only for a few weeks. The production area of maple syrup is also very scanty. It is produced only in a small area of the North American continent. The USA contributes to a trifling amount of syrup productions whereas Canadian provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick formthe major contributors in syrup production.

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The production of maple syrup depends on a various aspects of its production such as the weather conditions of the place, the soil quality, the genetic variations of the tree, and the health of it. Also the taste and quality varies according to the manufacturing methods and techniques. Maple syrup is marketed in four various grades. This gradation is based on the colour of the maple syrup. The sap grows darker if tapped towards the end of the maple season.A darkcoloured syrup has a strong roasted taste than an amber coloured one.

But buying original maple syrup is a difficult task nowadays. Due to its limited production, original maple syrup is hard to get in the international market. There are “pancake syrups” that are marketed. But these are just maple syrup substitutes. Some products are also available which claim to be maple flavoured. But original maple syrup is very rare.

At maple syrup direct we bring you original maple syrup and maple syrup products such as maple butter, maple candies and many more. With our online store at maple syrup direct you can order all your favourites at one place and get them delivered exactly at your doorstep anywhere in the world. With us, you can taste original maple syrup from any part of the world wherever you are.

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