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To some men, pairing casual shoes with their favorite pair of jeans can be quite a nightmare. They simply do not understand what should go with what to come up with a killer look. But the truth of the matter is, it’s all just about styling-as well as knowing which shoes work best with that pair of denim jeans.

If you’re one of these men, then here’s a quick style guide you should definitely keep tabs on when working on a jeans-shoes combo.

  1. Sneakers and rubbers for jeans and shirts.

One of the tested style rules for casual fashion is the jeans-and-shirt combo. Throughout the decades, men have been found matching shirts with jeans and don’t really care how dirty or rugged they look, and it’s all because of one thing: they’re comfortable in these pieces.

Sneakers are always the top choice for the jeans-and-shirt getup. This isn’t mainly because sneakers are very comfortable on the feet; they also carry this simple yet rugged style that perfectly complements the laidback fashion of cotton shirts and denims.

If you’re not a fan of the tied-up sneakers, then you may go for other kinds of rubber shoes as an alternative. Rubber shoes serve the same purpose as sneakers in terms of accentuating jeans as well.


  1. Leather shoes and jeans need another accessory.

Leather shoes are worn more often during formal occasions since they match well with slacks and trousers. But they can also be worn with jeans, especially when you’re eyeing to come up with a smart-casual look.

The thing with leather shoes is that while they are able to work well with denims, they do not always suit up with the usual cotton shirts. They end up looking out of place when matched with the jeans-and-shirt combo. But you can remedy this by wearing the right accessories.

If your aim is to complete the smart-casual style, then you can wear a blazer or jacket on top of the shirt, just so to achieve a look of confidence. The collar of the jacket meets the regal style of leather shoes, giving off a balance between casual and formal.

In case you don’t want to wear a jacket or blazer, then you can switch to a collared shirt, rather than the rugged T-shirt. And yes, make sure that the collar is crimped too!

  1. Suede shoes are ideal for date nights.

If you’re going out on a date but you don’t want to look too formal or too casual, then you may slip on a pair of suede shoes alongside denim jeans and a long-sleeved polo shirt. Suede shoes (regardless if they are low-cut or the boot type) are a cross between rugged and formal, and they work best for simple and low-key fashion styles.

Suede shoes are also very versatile; aside from jeans, you can also wear them with slacks in case you find leather footwear too stiff for your fashion sense.

  1. Boat shoes and jeans? Yes, they can be good friends too.

Boat shoes are often associated with khaki shorts and are worn mostly for outdoor adventures. But they can be paired with jeans as well, but only during certain occasions.

Boat shoes are hard to pair up with other types of outfits mainly because they are designed to put the feet to work. However, if you intend to wear them with denims, then it’s best to wear jeans that give your legs a good fit (not too tight and not too baggy). This way, your legs are given a sturdier look, and in terms of fashion your shoes will get the right amount of attention too.

  1. Boots and jeans are a perfect pair too.

If you want to take your casual style to the extreme, then it’s time to match your jeans with a pair of boots. High-cut boots are casual shoes that glam up the shirt-and-jeans combo and these make you look extra rugged especially when you match them with a long-sleeved polo shirt tied around the waist. You also get more fashion points when your jeans are tattered as this overall getup is the favorite of today’s rock stars. So yes, if you are looking towards achieving a sense of grunge fashion, then this is the outfit to wear.

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