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Men’s vests and how to wear them

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The vest is a highly versatile item in the male wardrobe, a perfect layering element. Even if it comes to a three-piece suit vest or a casual one, you can use it in various men’s outfits and provide an elegant tone to your look.

The Suit Vest

If you have a three-piece suit, waive the jacket and go with just the vest and suit pants, with or without a tie. Avoid the combination of a white shirt and black vest to avoid being mistaken for a waiter.

Some vests have breast pockets that will allow accessorizing with handkerchiefs.

You can maximize your elegance if you wear a vest and pants made from the same fabric.

But, you can also wear it with jeans, khakis, Chino and other types of pants.

You can choose a vest made from a thin or thick fabric depending on the season. This also applies to prints, regardless of the season.

You can also wear it over a striped polo shirt and accessorize it with a tie, watch, scarf, fedora, leather or colored bracelets and pocket handkerchiefs. Some men wear pocket watches because they give a touch of elegance to any look.

In case, you find the suit vest too trivial you can replace it with…

The Quilted Vest

During the changing of seasons, we often feel the need of reinvention. This process sometimes requires the addition of clothes that may seem unsuitable at first but provide comfort and style to your outfits in the long run.

The quilted or padded vest is one of these items but worn with a suit. Why wear it with a suit? Because it’s a style statement and everyone wears a coat and a trench. It’s time to be different!

All you need to do is have a tweed or flannel suit. The vest should be made from a thin fabric. It shouldn’t pass the shoulders to fit under or over a jacket.

It should have a neutral tone, but if you want something colorful use it to give a splash of color to your outfit or match it to your tie.

The Gilet Vest

No matter what, comfort should come first, in everything. When it comes to this aspect, the Gilet vest is ideal.

If you need a layering element, this vest is your go-to item. It can be worn over almost anything, but because of its thickness it won’t find its place under every garment. It’s not as versatile as the quilted vest, which is usually thinner.

When choosing a Gilet vest, the size is essential. Since it’s a bulky item, if it’s too big you will look weird. It shouldn’t exceed your shoulders. You can find it in various designs and colors. But, the only combinations that work with the Gilet vest should contain velvet, wool or tweed jackets, leather or denim jackets, thick sweaters and cardigans. In some cases, it looks good with a flannel shirt.

The Sweater Vest

Sometimes we are not in the mood to wear sweaters, and the best alternative is the sweater vest because it allows you to wear a shirt and keep you comfort. The sweater vest matched to a shirt adds style and charm to your outfit due to its unique shape and color variations.

You should pay attention to the texture. If it’s woven from a very thick wool fabric, it will lose in elegance. For stylish outfits go with dark shades of black, gray or navy. When the situation allows it you can go with the classic argyle print, printed versions are more casual.

This type of vests is suitable for both casual and formal outfits. A polo shirt, a pair of jeans and a vest is all you need for a casual look.

As in the case of sweaters, choose suitable fabrics like cotton, wool and cashmere. The vest shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, too short or too long. Go with V-collars and match your sweater vests to printed shirts for a special touch.

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