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Must know things about Maple Syrup

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A lot has been spoken about Maple Syrup Direct. There are ample benefits of adding maple syrup direct to the health. However, you must be careful before making a purchase. Here are few must know things about maple syrup:

Though, it is a natural sweetener, yet it cannot be considered healthier than sugar. Whether you add maple syrup in processed food or in your desserts, it still comes in your daily count of sugar intake.  You cannot increase your sugar content in the form of maple syrup direct.

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There are grade A and Grade B in maple syrup. The Grade B is slightly darker and more flavored in compared to Grade A. However, this doesn’t make it inferior. Earlier, it was considered that Grade A maple syrup is better than Grade B, but now all the maple syrups are A Grade with variations in it.

It is believed that higher the price of the maple syrup, better is the quality of the product. This is just a marketing gimmick. There might be slight variations in the taste and flavor, but not in the quality. Thus, go with the syrup that gives a feel good factor.

Once you open the container of the maple syrup, it is advised to keep it in the refrigerator which can lasts upto a year. An unopened container can be kept in a cool place. This will prevent the syrup from getting spoiled. However, there are certain brands of maple syrup which can be kept in the room temperature. Opt for such brands.

Hope this article has been informative to you. Do read the label before making a purchase. You can also check the ingredients, manufacturing date and expiry date before  purchasing maple syrup.

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