Online Legal Docs, What’s The Best?

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We all require some level of legal assistance at some point in our lives, though not always of a criminal nature.  It could be creating landlord-tenant documents, bill of sales, uncontested divorce petitions, will or estate trusts, or even just a non-disclosure agreement.  In the past, people would seek out lawyers and pay them hourly fees for these services, or just go without them at their own legal peril.  Today, the need for this type of legal assistance has been answered with the various legal portals that sell legal documents and forms at reasonable rates.


Through these online resources, people can download templates and legal advice in pdf format or write their own forms with wizard software to ensure that the required information makes it into the document.  Other websites even host a mix of free documents along with paid ones to maximize their potential for visitors.  Some of the most commonly available free forms are wills, uncontested divorce petitions, rental agreements, bills of sale, and non-disclosure agreements.  Some websites will also have forms for incorporation, employment, liability, and waivers.

One of the most appealing aspects of these websites and forms is the time factor.  Sure, you may save money skipping the attorney, but you are also saving yourself a drive downtown, along with the probable waiting time, visitation with the attorney, and that time going home again.  From your own home office you can download a form, fill in any additional details, print it out, and are basically in business.

Though there are many reasons to choose online legal forms; price, along with convenience, is obviously at the top of the list.  Most small businesses are running on a shoestring budget and put in more hours a day spent working than most people do in the office as an employee.  Being able to reduce cost and time can prove invaluable.

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