Picking Metals For Your Bathroom

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We all know that design trends come and go, but the next big thing in bathrooms are metallic accents.

The days of chrome and stainless steel are long gone. Now, it’s all about creating a welcoming space with likable elements of decor made from copper, bronze, brass, and gold.

In the case that you are wondering what the best way is to put all these materials together into your design, and not make it too retro, you don’t have to look further for answers. Here are a few tips on how to combine warm metals in your bathroom.

Go for gold

The idea of using gold in your bathroom can seem a bit dated, but this look can truly make your bathroom come to life. The key to using gold in a modern context is focusing on top manufacturing. Search objects like faucets and minimalist elements, and remember, when it comes to gold, less is always more. Use it as an accent in your bathroom, not a main component.


Choose copper

There is something about how the light reflects in copper that is very beautiful. Think about using this material as a central point in the interior, for example, for your bathtub, or think about combining it with other metals. Copper can also be used on somewhat smaller surfaces in your space, like for example blinds, or even smaller, on door handles.

One of the best characteristics of copper is the easy maintenance. In most cases, warm water is enough to clean it. It is very simple for maintenance, and you don’t need much effort or knowledge to clean, so it’s a perfect choice for all those who are not so great in the maintenance department.

Light up your space with brass

Brass has been with us for centuries – it brings a natural durability to the space, and combined with polished elements give the bathroom a wonderful look. Especially when it is combined with darker shades. This type of decorating is an ideal choice for modern, and traditional spaces.

But, you need to think about one factor before you decide in decorating with brass. Have in mind that it needs regular maintenance to stay beautiful. If you don’t feel like you can handle that and that you won’t be able to regularly work on your bathroom elements for them to stay beautiful, you should choose one of the other elements on this list.

Bring in a little bronze

Bronze is a very interesting choice for finishes in your bathroom, because it is different from other materials in the fact that it looks better as it gets older. Hand treated bronze doesn’t have protection from the elements, and through use, it changes color and becomes very beautiful.

Because of this, experts suggest bronze to all people that are looking for an out of time character and charm. Because bronze was very popular during the revolutionary era, it works perfectly with a colonial style, or with similar traditional ways of design.

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