Prints And Fabrics Trending In 2015

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There is always a remarkable tale behind every fashion evolution. Some classics have gradually evolved and stayed for years while some emerge and last only for a short span of time. This year 2015 you will witness an assortment of velvet, denim, sheer and suede.

Here are some prints and fabrics of 2015:

Neo Classical Prints:

This print is all about silhouette repeats with loose fitting and bold prints. These prints will be seen in hoop skirts, heavily bottomed skirts, bustles etc.


Botanical prints:

This print is known for its toxic touch of feminism. It has a bizarre vibe and at the same time looks fresh. These delicate floral prints are suitable both during the day as well as night.

Stripe prints:

This year, stripes have got a fresh face. This print has a hint of ethnic aesthetics.  As stripes are quite flexible; this year it will showcase a variety of colours, shades and design patters. The key highlight of the year is optical stripped and abstract patterns. In addition to this animal prints have also become quite popular.


This fabric is on a high rise and is creating quite a stir and will be displayed in a cluster of interpretations. Some of the highlights this year are washed out style, embellished jeans and feminine silhouettes.


This was fabric was a big hit last year and is making a a big comeback this year 2015. The sheer transparency is the trademark of this fabric. It is engraved with stunning ruffles and some lovely prints and the result of this is simply enchanting.


Watch out for this fabric this year. This year suede is all over the place right from jumpers, to chic coats to some gorgeous dresses.

This year will see loads of fresh new prints as well as fabrics.

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