Real Men Go To the Spa

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When you see or hear the words “spa day” the last thing you probably envision is a Man in a barber’s chair getting a shave. But times are changing and men are beginning to enjoy the full salon and spa experience too.  We are all human, after all, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking and feeling your best.

And absolutely nothing wrong with a person pampering themselves with a clean or fresh haircut and a beauty treatment.


Deauville au Masculin spa services for men are actually not very different than they are for women—and that’s a good thing.  Men also enjoy hand and foot treatments as well as a relaxing massage.  Believe it or not, men also enjoy skin treatments—like a facial, for example—and even waxing services. Of course, men and women both enjoy haircuts, but at a men’s spa you can also get a closer shave than you would probably get at home.



The men’s spas and grooming services of today offer haircuts, of course, as well as both a classic shave experience.  Modern hair styling for men, of course, is more detailed than in traditional barbershop settings but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also enjoy the both electric clipper and classic snipping for the sake of clean styling. At the same time, the modern man might also want highlights, coloring, tinting, streaks, and even textures so his hair can make a bold statement too.

Similarly, men used to visit a barbershop not only for their haircuts but also to get a shave.  And these days, that classic shave experience is back with a mini neck massage, hot facial towel, neck shave, and styling.


These days, men can enjoy a handful of spa treatments in a modern environment.  This could include hand and foot treatments:

  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • paraffin treatments

Or it could include massage therapy:

  • relaxing massage
  • therapeutic massage
  • sports therapy massage

Or it could involve facial treatments:

  • classic facial
  • anti-aging facial
  • algonmask
  • hydrolifting
  • collagen treatment
  • Puracne treatment

And it could even include waxing services:

  • brows
  • neck
  • chest
  • back

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