Remembering the Happy College Days

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Oh finally you are a graduate! This feeling is a victorious one and again at the same time it makes you feel a bit more responsible and aged. You suddenly understand that life is always not about parties and bullying friends but it’s about earning money and becoming someone. Every good time has to come to an end and so is the school and college day. On one hand there is pain of leaving friends and on the other hand there is a whole new exciting world waiting with lots of challenges. Your friends, family, and relative would shower you with amazing graduation gifts but you know the best gift was those moments which you have spent in the terrace of the college missing a lecture.

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Here are some of those moments that you would never be able to erase from your mind.

  1. While you shouted at your mom at the dinner table for serving boiled spinach and cabbage, but you ate those foods with royal attitude when served in college canteen.
  2. You shared one cigarette with seven other people and there was one in your group who used to wet the filter.
  3. The annual function day at college was your biggest event ever and you behaved asif you are handling a whole nation like a Prime Minister.
  4. The first semester was totally spent in home-sickness. And you were not the only one handling this awkward moment.
  5. If you have not climbed the walls of your hostel premises once to catch up a movie, you have not enjoyed your college life at all.
  6. All of you and your friends have handled the first or the second rejection by a boy or a girl. And that one moment seemed like the end of life. After a few years in college you laugh at yourself thinking how stupid you were.
  7. Finally, now you can narrate your kid brother or sister about life and how cool is it to stay away from home. Each and every time you went home, they used to wait for you to start your story-telling session about all the secret activities that you and your friends did.

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Remembering your own college days, select a perfect graduation gift for your kid, brother, or distant cousin and make them feel victorious. Chocolate or a flower bouquet would also be nice. But gifting something more useful would be better. The gift can be something like a formal shirt, tie, and blazer for upcoming interview, or a stylish wrist watch. You can also opt for a new mobile phone, laptop, DSLR camera, wall clock, personalized coffee mug, hip flask, etc.

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