Sell Gold in Canary Wharf

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The Canary Wharf shopping district, in London’s West End, is a major hub of gold and diamond merchants, and the best place to sell gold. Generally, high street goldsmiths offer a better deal, compared to online options and other options, and Canary Wharf has a good collection of reputable goldsmiths.

How to Sell

To sell gold in Canary Wharf, walk into any of the several goldsmiths who have set up shop in the district. Most merchants accept all types of gold and silver, including jewellery, broken ornaments, scrap gold, coins, and medals. The goldsmith weights and values the gold, and makes an offer. The transaction is complete when the customer hands over the valued gold and collects payment for the same.


What to Consider

Take the following precautions, to be safe, get maximum value, and have a pleasurable experience, when proceeding to sell gold in Canary Wharf.

Do some research beforehand, to get an idea of the value of the gold. Look at the hallmarks and weighing of the jewellery. Most precious metal items feature a “hallmark” that indicate its quality and other characteristics. However, not all jewellery come with hallmark. In such cases, approach jewellers who have the equipment to check the content of precious metal. Even a difference of a few grams, or difference in calculating wastage, can result in a big change in price, and as such it is important to deal with reputable jewellers who make a fair valuation.

Take a valuation from two or more jewellers, especially for jewellery, since valuations can be subjective. Even the National Association of Goldsmiths Institute of Registered Valuers recommend shopping around, rather than simply accepting the first offer.

Seek clarification on the valuation, especially if the offer is lower than expectations. It may also be worthwhile to bargain on the offer.

Most jewellers offer instant payment when selling gold in Canary Wharf. However, do not take this for granted, and confirm the same before initiating the transaction.

Selling gold is a good way to tide over a cash crunch, or make a major investment or expense. Make sure to put in some effort to the process, to get maximum value.

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