Six Ways To Travel In Style

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In spite of the hassle that travel usually implies, there is a certain dose of excitementabout exploring more of the world. Whether it’s an exotic location, a romantic city, or an unknown place you want to get to know with your friends, it’s always something new and an opportunity for fresh experiences. But, you need the right outfit that will be both comfortable and stylish that will make you look smashing whether you are in the airport or wandering around town.


Be it sun or storm, you need to be prepared. At the same time, you should know how to pack light without putting the strain on your shoulders or your arms as you carry your bags. Then again, all you need are a few essentials that will be easy to pack and will help you look fashionable in your travels.

Vintage Hat

The perfect accessory that can turn any outfit into a chic-looking ensemble. A vintage hat can be assorted and worn with a bright-colored outfit, a royal teal that will make you stand out. A baggy, long-sleeved shirt with a bohemian design will help you achieve a look that screams comfort and adventure. If you don’t have too much walking to do, add a pair of heels with a futuristic look to contrast the styles and blend them beautifully.


If it’s a complimentary color, like orange for blue, even better. The hat, however, should be your center piece. Just make sure you find the right type that will match the shape of your face.

Canvas Messenger

You shouldn’t encumber yourself with loads of things because you want to do some exploring. A simple, stylish messenger bag is all you need to carry your phone, wallet, camera, and whatever items you believe you might need to have on hand. Do a little souvenir shopping, pick up gifts for those back home, and carry them with you comfortably. And it will be an excellent choice to take on the plane with you.


Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. You know the words, so make sure you pack that essential item with you. Whether you’re walking through the airport, enjoying a day out walking down the beach, or going out at night exploring the city, the little black dress will take you everywhere in style. All you need to do is know how to accessorize it to turn it from a relaxed day outfit to an evening night ensemble. Consider stacked bracelets for an adventurous time during the day and bolder accessories for the evening.


Read some tips on how to style it and you will look like you just stepped off the runway and onto the beach.

Classic Pearls

You need a piece of jewelry that will go great with anything and could turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. A classic pearl necklace is a perfect accessory to fill that gap. It will go great with your black dress, with a bohemian maxi dress, or even with a pair of jeans and a comfy shirt. There is no doubt that the precious white beads are making a comeback, and no woman should be without them. It will be worth the investment. Look out for a pearl necklace for sale and learn the endless amounts of ways you can style them.


It’s a miracle piece of jewelry that will add a touch of refinement to any outfit.

Comfy Sneakers

Let’s face it, you’re going to do a lot of walking and exploring. At least, that’s how it should be if you want to get the true experience and feel of your destination. Pack a pair of stylish sneakers. There are endless ways to incorporate them into your outfits that will go far beyond the “punk rock” edge they add to your outfit. They’re comfortable and insanely versatile. You can do a lot with a pair of sneakers, and all you have to do is opt for a pair of jeans, a classy shirt, that vintage hat we mentioned, and a statement necklace to compliment your look.


Your feet will thank you.

Tinted Shades

A pair of tinted shades, be it in electric blue, lively green, bold yellow, or vivid red, could make your entire ensemble. They will look excellent with most summer outfits, and will outline the features of your face. Not to mention they will protect your eyes from the rays of the sun in the more exotic locations. You will look good and feel good with a pair of sunglasses over your eyes that will add a touch of mystery and daring to your entire attire. Take your pick, because there are plenty of options!

Your packing crisis will be much shorter if you remember these few tips. You will look chic, comfortable, and ready to do some exploring.

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