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Steps To Starting Your Own Clothing Retail Business

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If you are looking to start your own business selling clothing there are a few things you need to know. First, you will need to purchase your products from wholesale boutique clothing distributors. This allows you to buy your clothing in bulk at wholesale prices and then mark up accordingly in order to make a profit. It is important to decide right away what kind of products you want to sell. For instance, do you want to sell women’s clothing or children’s clothing? By choosing a specific niche you can decide which wholesale boutique clothing distributors you will get the best prices from.


Your next step is getting the proper documentation to start a retail business in your area. These permits will be important for you to open your accounts with the wholesale suppliers. After obtaining the needed documents, you must then decide where you will sell your merchandise. You can open a traditional store, but that can be a bit pricey. Other options include opening a kiosk in a local mall, starting an online website, or even setting up at a flea market in your area. Remember though, if you are not opening a traditional store, you will have to secure a place to store your stock of merchandise.

To open accounts with wholesale boutique clothing distributors you can either visit them directly or by visiting their websites and filling out wholesale applications online. When you place your initial order with the wholesale retailer you will need to provide proof that you are an actual business by showing a resale license number at the time of the order.

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If you are able to open a physical store, be sure to arrange your products in a logical attractive fashion. For example, place all of the dresses in a specific area and all of the pants or shirts in their own area. Once everything is separated by style, then be sure to organize each item by size. You want your store to be easy for customers to find their way around in and your displays should be neat and appealing to the average shopper.

Finally, you need to spend a lot of energy promoting your new business. You can create fliers or coupons to distribute at local companies that compliment yours well, like salons or shoe stores. You can also use social networking to your advantage by opening up accounts for your store, or by starting a promotional blog. Traditional television, website, and radio ads can also be used to get the word out.

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