The Graduation – 5 Things To Remember

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It is every parents dream to watch their child graduate from the university, with the robe, the square graduation cap and a degree in hand. There are however several graduations that the child goes through before this big one. The important one, worth a mention is the journey from school bags, to sling bags online– from button down school uniforms to t shirt and jeans.

Yes, we are talking about the end of school and the start of college, which is an important graduation in the child’s education path and an even more important one from the parent’s perspective.

Here are five things to remember to make this transition smooth:

Your child is growing up: yes, this is a no brainer, we agree. However there are several parents who still take a lot of time to come out of the belief that their children can think independently. They try to take over the control like they did in school days. Let’s give that a slight break and let the child take decisions and accountability for the same. Of course be there to guide him/ her but don’t decide for them. As a parent, it is your duty to have full trust in them and respect their decision, provided it is not against the law of the land.


The child’s needs and wants will be different now: School meant discipline; it meant that everyone dressed in the same uniform and wore the same type of shoes and socks. College suddenly opens up several avenues from dressing up, carrying your stuff, and wearing shoes that stand out. The school bags that you loved so much is suddenly bulky and un-cool. Sling bags online are the in thing and every college going child will demand for one. The clothes preference also changes from the school uniform to t shirt, jeans and other civil dress accessories. As a parent, you should let the purse loose a bit here, without going too much overboard and allowing the child to wear decent but trendy clothes.

Watch the friends circle: many times, a few school friends continue to be together through college as well. Naturally they will tend to form a community or a group and hang out together. This is when the child will may feel the need to show off with “I am cooler than thou” attitude. All the latest trends in fashion, grooming will be attempted to be imitated. The pro tip for parents in this is – you need to keep your cool and explain the point to the children that the most important thing at this age is to gain knowledge and be smart about the dressing, without going overboard on the fashion bandwagon. Look smart, dress smart but don’t try to go overboard with unacceptable dressing with funky school bags or the shabby graphic T shirt or the unmatching sling bags online just to look cool in the friends circle.


Pocket money: some parents start giving their children pocket money while in school, some only give money on a need basis. The best thing is to continue the practice of giving the child money on a need basis plus a bit more for emergencies. Let the child learn to manage his expenses. If he/ she so badly want to buy the sling bags online that will hold their stuff, let them figure out a way to save from this money for the bag. Money management and saving lessons are important as a life skill going forward

The focus is still education: though you may have graduated to college and the way of gaining knowledge is different from the strict and disciplined ways of the school, the focus is still on gaining education and knowledge. Parents sometimes need to remember that extreme of everything can be harmful. Too much control or too less control both can cause irreversible damage which could have been easily avoided. Be an ear and a shoulder to the children if they need it.

To summarize, the graduation before the actual graduation is a milestone in the life and if handled properly, the move from school bags to sling bags and uniforms to non uniform dressing, (yes wear tee shirts to college daily) will be a smooth and non bumpy ride for the entire house.

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