The Mono Life: How to Make Color Blocking Amazing without Any Effort

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In a fashion world dominated by striking and mesmerizing prints, by bold, vivid colors and by glamorous complicated fabrics, one question arises: is there still room for monochrome outfits? Are they dated, too rigid and formal, too old-school? Can they still be a staple of taste and style? Rocking a mono outfit is not an easy feat, but if you can pull off a harmonious look, you can consider yourself a true fashion expert.

There are plenty of tricks on how to style up, dress up and highlight a color blocked outfit effortlessly and today we will take a look at some of them. After all, such outfits are composed and pulled together, neat, tidy and impeccable. Their versatility is legendary, as they can take you to your uptight corporate job and a hot, cool party after hours. So let’s see what we can do to jazz up mono outfits using a few styling tricks!


1. It is not about the color, it is about texture

This is one trick not many women know, making the mistake of wearing a mono outfit featuring the same fabric and texture. Let’s take one color that rocked the runways in the last two-three years: the all-time fashionable gray. Now full gray attire may seem a bit dull, boring and lacked personality. After all, it is so neutral, it can get lost in the urban background we live in. However, if you take a closer look at what designers like Hugo Boss and Max Mara did, you will understand the difference. It is not the color, it is the texture!

  • Mix different gray fabrics to pull off an outstanding mono outfit – glacier gray, shiny fabrics, shimmering gray satin toned down by warm, velvety gray, faux fur accent pieces paired with eerie gray chiffon dresses, rugged gray jeans with sweet silk gray tops and so on.
  • Add silver and pearl jewelry for a more glamorous effect, playing with more surfaces, textures, and shimmering gray hues.

2. It is not about the color, it is about its nuances

In color theory, wearing a mono outfit doesn’t mean looking like a head-to-toe crayon. It means mixing different hues, shades, and tints of the same color to pull off a harmonious and modern look. If you love pastels and natural earthy colors (and you should, as they are all the rage right now), try the following tips and tricks:

  • Mix a silk warm beige summer Bardot Boho dress with a pair of distressed slouchy ankle booties in cream or ivory and make an entrance to a summer party wrapped in a light crocheted ivory shawl.
  • Same rules apply even if you pick other pastels or natural colors. If you try the new trendy mint shade, remember you can mix up ice mint with fresh pistachio, fresh mints with sweet ones in a mono outfit that speaks volumes about your tastes.

3. It is not about the color, it is about how you add edge to it

A full monochrome outfit can look indeed a bit bland if you don’t give it an edgy, bold touch. This means pairing the color scheme with accent pieces in contrasting colors.

  • You can use simple accessories, such as sunglasses, wristwatches, and clutches to balance the mono and style it up.
  • If you want more glam, you can use some animal that is, Caracal print accents to go with your black or red blocked attire or to mix a strong, bold nuance into a mono outfit with the help of a statement necklace or a daring pair of pumps.
  • Full monochromatic outfits have a dash of sweet formalism attached to them. If you want that, you can make the best out of them in formal environments, like your office or business meetings. But if you want to sugar-coat the look, bring in small, barely visible touches of contrasting colors, hot prints and patterns or statement colored jewelry.

Any woman can rock a monochrome outfit if she understands the basic rules of color schemes and adapting colors and nuances to her personal style and the occasion she wears the mono look on.

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