The Shoe Styles You Need to Own

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No one can quite explain the obsession that most women have with shoes. Since this fascination is so common, however, it does not really require an explanation. As much as you probably wish to own every gorgeous shoe you come across, your budget most probably will not allow it. However, this does not mean that you have to give up being a fashion icon. In reality, all you really need are several styles to ensure that you have a well-stocked wardrobe. As long as you have these shoes, you are always going to be the most fashionable person around. Here are the shoe styles that you simply must own:


Knee High Boots

Try to think of every stylish celebrity that you know. You may have realized that at one time or another there is one thing that they have all sported – knee high boots. While these are perfect for the colder months, they really are ideal all year long. You can get your own EOS boots online and choose from the many styles. The most versatile colour, of course, is black as it can be paired with everything from jeans to skirts. However, you just may want to try out the light brown options. They are particularly gorgeous during autumn and create visions of horseback riding in the country. Regardless of the style, you will definitely be topping the fashion charts.

Nude Heels

The shoe industry has improved tremendously over the past few years, and you can find nude heels to match all skin tones. If you are wondering why you need these shoes in your arsenal, it’s simple – they create an optical illusion. By finding a pair that matches your complexion, you are actually creating the impression that your legs are much longer than they really are. This way, it does not seem as though the heels are doing all the work. You just appear to be that leggy. It really is an opportunity that no woman can pass up.


Flats have undoubtedly been one of the greatest inventions of all time. These shoes are known for being multipurpose as well assuper cute. There is no fuss required. You slip a pair of these on and you can head to a variety of occasions – the shoes completely blend in. As these shoes have gained popularity over the last few years, there is also a lot more choice available. You can essentially find them in any colour that you desire. You can also opt for ones that are either embellished or plain. There are even ones with straps. So, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to this style of shoe.


Sandals are your ultimate vacation shoes, particularly when the temperature begins to rise. If you do not want to deal with sweaty toes, you are going to need a pair of these. You simply cannot go wrong with a pair of flat leather sandals, preferably in brown. These will pretty much go with every summer outfit you own. You can also get ones with a little pop of colour, or aim for some rhinestones or other decoration instead. As long as it is comfy and looks good, you are all set.

This an ultimate list of the shoes that you cannot afford to ignore. If you want to be a part of the stylish crowd, these are your tools. They will help to keep you looking chic regardless of the event or the occasion.

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