The significance of tudung as a headscarf for Islamic women

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A veil or headscarf is quite an important piece of clothing for Islamic women and is worn on regular basis by the women of this community. The headscarf for Islamic women is quite an obligation and over the time this piece of clothing has undergone many changes in designing and its styling. As of now headscarf has gone quite fashionable and modern and different styles and patterns have been incorporated in making a headscarf. One such type of headscarf is tudung which is worn in many Middle East countries like Malaysia in accordance with the Islamic hijab.

The headscarf is quite common and is widely popular in Middle East and helps the woman to cover the neck, ears and hair leaving only face to be exposed. The headscarf is quite common and is used as the standard dress code which is obligatory to follow in Malaysia.


Various uses of the headscarf in normal and day to day life of the Islamic women

The above mentioned type of headscarf is quite popular among Islamic women and is worn on day to day basis. The headscarf is worn as a part of the formal dressing in offices, girls wear it on a regular basis while going to schools and most women also wear the headscarf on many other occasions such as parties, events and any public gathering.


Of late, online Islamic clothing stores have become quite common and Islamic women now prefer to shop from these online stores for their basic clothing. Over here, headscarf can also be availed in various designs and styles and give an opportunity to them to shop at any time at their convenience.

Online stores for Islamic clothing have become quite popular and make available all basic clothing like headscarf’s, hijabs and abayas for Muslim women on affordable and reliable prices.

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