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Tips Every Woman Should Know Before Online Shopping

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Nothing can be more annoying and irritating than ordering something online and later realizing that it doesn’t fit you. Except for when you go and re-order it again to another size and then to your demise you find that it’s sold out! The main problem is even though you known your size, yet every brand fits differently and to add to this many of the e-commerce sites pin, retouch or tailor their clothes in photos to make them look as if they fit perfectly than they actually do.

Here are some tricks to help you to reduce your disappointment:


Read the fit notes:

 Majority of the websites have fit notes that provide information regarding the height of the model is and the size she is which can be very helpful if you’re trying to comprehend the neckline, waistline or hemline of a particular clothing item will fit you. In case you’re shorter than the model than you will know that the garment will be a bit longer for you. On the other hand if you’re taller than the model the garment will be a little shorter for you. The fit note also informs you if the particular clothing garment is tight or loose and accordingly you can size up or down.

Purchase multiple sizes of the same thing:

It is quite annoying to return back the leftovers but in case the particular website offers free shipping and returns you should definitely take advantage of this. Also keep in mind that it takes a longer time to get money credited back to debit card as compared to a credit card.

Avoid anything with seams that are supposed to go directly under your breasts.

Except you are entirely flat chested everything which has diagonal or has some curving seams under the chest is likely going to cut you badly.

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