Top 5 Trending Jewellery Styles this Season

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The jewelleries have always seemed to fascinate the attention of the females who just love to don several designer jewelleries on various parts of their body. The designers are also coming up with several different designs and collection to inspire the people and find a place in their cupboards.

There are various jewellery styles that are trending across the United Kingdom these days. Here are just a few glimpses of some of these designs:


Asymmetrical Jewellery Style:

The asymmetrical jewellery has become the new fashion trend as far as the jewellery trends in UK are concerned. You can easily find women flaunting stones on one ear while ultra small earrings on the other to create a new fashion trend for themselves. There is heavy import of wholesale costume jewellery because of rousing demand of the customers.

Overly Sized Earrings:

The mammoth or over-sized earrings have also been in trend for the past few months. Especially amongst those who are looking for some extravagant jewellerey designs, these earrings are heavily trending. Whole sellers are also surprised by its increasing demand as it is one of the most demanded wholesale jewellery that is demanded by the retailers.

Imprinted Jewelleries:

There is no other jewellery design that is as popular as the imprinted jewellery. Adding your loved one’s presence in your jewellery makes it quite close to you and this is a reason of increased demand for these imprinted jewelleries.

Especially, the jewelleries with the footprints and hand prints of newly born baby are rapidly trending in the United Kingdom. Even the males are looking to buy these imprinted jewelleries as it helps them to feel their child close to them.

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Arm-Cuffs with an ethnic touch:

This season the girls are going really crazy about the arm cuffs with an ethnic design and beauty to complement their looks.

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