Top Designer dresses for women to raise their style statement

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Everyone with agree with the fact that the women have a better sense of fashion and also are very dedicated when it comes to the selection of dresses and accessories for them. That makes it even more difficult and laborious for the designers to come up with the different dress designs. But the designers are equal to the task as time and again they have been able to deliver sumptuous designer clothes that women are fond of.

Coming to the latest fashion trends, the women want to look unique and a touch different which has lead to availability of designs as far as the women dresses are concerned. Here is just a glancing look at some of the best fashion trends that you can adapt to look gorgeous:

Shirt Dresses:

This can be described as the breakaway dress of the year 2016 as it has gained popularity in all corners of the world. Even the wholesalers are stunned by its rapid sales and have increased the production of these wholesale dresses to meet up with the demand. You can get a variety of designs from the long   shirts which is most popular by now with variations like drop waists, asymmetrical designs and button down style to bolster your style statement in  a really big manner.


Trench Coats (Kimono Style):

 A perfect blend of modern robes, the traditional kimono and a proper waist coat is one of the most lethal and deadly combinations that is been flaunted by the women. To make it spicier and lively, the trench coats with a belt around the waist have been integrated in the kimonos to make you look even more stunning and gorgeous.


Designed specifically for a hot look in the winters these stylish capes allow you to beat the winter with style and flamboyance. Being the hottest trend, the designers have taken quite a liking to it making it even more stylish. You can wear it from either side or up and down. You can mix it with a t-shirt and skin-tight jeans to give a new dimension to your style and fashion statement. It has quickly become an essential need for the winters and not having one in your wardrobe can certainly make you miss on a new style statement. You can get it on wholesale rates when you buy it from the

Saree But with a change-up:

The ethnic and traditional Indian wear is no more restricted to only India as it is swiftly getting more popular in the other countries as well. As a result, there have been different variations that can be seen in the dress. With its popularity in the western countries, the designer has added a touch of glamour to this dress which makes you look traditional stylish. Pairing it with stylish v-neck blouse with net can further ameliorate your looks.

If you want to look even more stylish and unique, put on a blazer over the Saree and let everybody applaud your sense of style.

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