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Top Trends For Shopping And Leisure

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Self serve:

Customer service is an additional expense that customers have to shell out from their pockets so, it’s a good idea if customers do it themselves. All of us save money and customers think they are in charge. Examples like self check in kiosks at airports, DIY check out services in hotels and self scanning machines in supermarkets are a few examples.

Cost polarization:

Today the middle class has vanished in most of the developing countries by taking the mid price retailers along with them. Thus, majority of the consumer markets are already polarizing between the economy as well as premium sectors i.e. low price versus luxury. However, customers can live contentedly in both the segments.

Brand experience:

Most of the people have got all the stuff they require, so they are now, gradually looking out for experiences instead of products. In theory this kind of inclination should profit the leading retailers.

Brand politics:

In the present we have already got various sweat-shop-free clothing lines. In the future customers will be interrogating online brands and also scan products at the supermarket with their mobile phones to verify their ethical policy. The ethically based retail outlets are likely to grow in the future even though customers will be ready to pay a higher price or suffer some nuisance will unsurprisingly edge the growth of this area.



Women are the largest souk on earth but they are mostly overlooked as this world is mostly run by men. Nonetheless, there are only women nightclubs, women only gyms and department store, hotel floors and many more. 65% of cars and 81% of financial decision are made by women.

Mass customization:

We are moving out of the ear of cheap and mass are are moving to the age of made for me and luxury. Tailored products are sold in brand experience stores on the other hand products are created for particular demographic of the population.

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